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Should I Be Using Filter Needles


I have just been reading a few reports that state when drawing up from a glass ampule a filter needles should always be used, one of the reasons it states is that glass particles can be drawn up from the ampules.

The reason i ask is that this information only related to IV in jections I could not find any information regarding IM injections and filter needles, so I do not know if the same should still apply to IM injections



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Good question, though. I have wondered the exact same thing but didn't ask as all I currently have to deal with are vials. Pretty happy about that, too.


Sustanon who me?? no never not me

well maybe just a little :slightly_smiling:


as a safety precaution, filter needles should be used when drawing from an amp. Right from the dr's mouth. I've never done it any other way...


Never used a filter to draw from an amp. Im sure it wouldnt hurt anything. But not necessary in my opinion.