Should I be training each body part more than once a week?

just a general question here, while trying to gain mass without any androgens or anything should you train each body part twice a week? right now my split is: (Day 1 - Vert Pull & Neck) (Day 2 - Vert & Horz Push) (Day 3 - Hip Domn & Biceps) (Day 4 - Off/Ancillary) (Day 5 - Horz Pull & Neck) (Day 6 - Quad Dom & Triceps) (Day 7 - Off/Ancillary). I am tring to prioritize my back so that is the only body part getting trained twice. Any comments, suggestions? Should I do more body parts per workout and less sets per bodypart?

A lot of people have problems with training five days a week, but I don’t. In fact, it has given me better results for a variety of reasons, but mostly because I can put more focus into hitting each bodypart hard once per week. The major thing that I would change is your placement of biceps and triceps. Right now, you’re working upper body five days a week. Swap triceps to Day 5, and biceps to Day 1. Also, you may not realize it, but you are actually working back three times in this cycle, as hip dominant exercises place considerable emphasis on the back no matter how much you stress the hams and glutes. If it was me, I would combine the two back workouts on Day 1, move quads to day 2, move pushes to 3, take 4 off, and put hip-dominant exercises on 5, and use 6 for either arms, shoulders, or both (which contradicts my recommendation above for arms, but it’s your call).

maybe. try it and see what happens. you may or may not respond to it. doesn’t matter what the “experts” say, its how your body responds to it that matters.