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Should I be Squatting Higher?


Hey guys. I have my first meet coming up, and I’ve been feeling out some heavy singles. In an effort to make sure I didn’t have any problems hitting depth, I’ve been squatting deep. Very deep. Do you guys think if I stop closer to regulation depth, I could add weight to my squat? I tend to bounce somewhat aggressively out of the bottom. Will attach a video. Thanks!



In my opinion you should Squat what ever way you can that allows you to move the most weight hitting depth enough to get atleast 2 white lights. If cutting your depth while still being to legal depth allows you to add weight to the total you are dumb not to. However I know many people who need that bounce and reflex to out up their maximum potential.

I’d be more concerned with walking out of the rack the wrong way and that forward lean you get when you reverse hard.


Thanks Reed! I appreciate the feedback. The forward lean may have something to do with the depth, I’ll play around with it


It isn’t extreme by any means and if you are close to a meet 8 weeks or so I wouldn’t chsnge anything unless experiencing pain. It isn’t horrible but I imagine at higher % it might be more noticeable. But, other than than that I wouldn’t change much.


Not even close to being the reply you expected, but are you wearing Naval Academy Summer Seminar Shorts in the video?


Yes I am! Was there Summer of '14


No Kidding?!?! I was a squad leader for NASS this last year! Small world haha

Also, best shorts ever. ALL THE POCKETS