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Should I Be More Optimistic About Recovering My HPTA?

So i’m finishing up my cycle, about to begin PCT.

To sum things up I have had some pretty bad anxiety about recovering my natural test, and having thoughts like “ What if I don’t recover, or recover fully, and end up in the low normal range forever?” and end up having persistent problems.

I honestly don’t plan on cycling anymore in the near future as this paranoia has honestly taken a toll on my mental health. I’ve had some tell me that no matter what, usually a healthy male will recovery fully given time, but I don’t really have enough reassurance to go about my day and not worry and be depressed about it.

I was the same on my first cycle. I bounced back just fine with PCT. I was a little lethargic and libido was a bit low but other then that I felt fine.

Don’t let it get to you, unless you did something stupid during your cycle you’ll bounce back just fine.

Did you get bloodwork? I’ve been looking into a home bloodspot test or something to maybe get mine checked in the future after my PCT, but yea i’ve been worried.

No I only did blood work during cycle. I know it’s hard but try to put it to the back of your mind. Your going to be fine man.

There’s no maybe there, man. That’s a requirement. Probably the most important round of blood work within a cycle is the post pct work. You need to know what your recovery is like, period.

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No need for the jab.