Should I Be Cutting?

As some of you may remember, I introduced a thread in this forum about bellyfat. I"ve managed to get it down abit, but still not to my satisfaction.

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to take a look at my picture (the quality is poor, I know) and say if they think I should start cutting.

I"m new to the whole ‘bulking and cutting’ thing, so any help would be appreciated.

BTW - current weight is 178 at 6’2"


Poor quality? Not if you’re underwater which it looks like you are. You are skinny, no need to cut keep lifting hard and eating good quality food.


Cut to what?

From 178 you should go slowly up to about 225-235 before you start cutting. That way you can cut to about 200 or 210 and show some muscle. It may take a few couple years, but it’s better than cutting from 178 to who knows what when you discover that stuff showing through your skin is bone.

Wow, throw on 50 more pounds? That could take a year or two.

Thanks. I see what you’re saying.

Its hard/impossible to get cut when your all ready skinny. Its rather easy to get cut after putting on 20-30lbs of muscle. I had to put on 40 before I could show definition.