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Should I Always Avoid Overload Eccentric Lat Exercise?

I remember watching some of your vids a few years back where you suggest that heavy eccentrics on lat pulldowns and pullups are not ideal because 1) They promote the buildup of scar tissue; 2) The arm flexors take over and 3) The lats respond to fatigue and isometrics.

If the goal is to strengthen the arm flexors, and you are intentionally focusing on flexing the arm flexors, are overload eccentrics a good choice? Can you use layers for close grip pulldowns and chins if the focus is on the arm flexors or will it cause adhesions in the upper back and otherwise not work well for the biceps?

Also, are layers for close grip pulldowns and chins, or for sternum chins not generally effective? I know you include pulldowns in one of your Built for Bad programs.

Lastly, you mentioned in one video about an concentric only lat workout. Do you have a link to an concentric only lat workout because I can’t find one of yours online.


Sorry, i meant concentric only, or eccentric-less lat workout.

I can be done but I see two main problems:

  1. I reinforces the pattern of utilizing the arm flexors as the primary movements for pulling movements. Over time this will make it harder to fully develop the back while also making pulling exercises potentially more risky

  2. In overhead pulling movements you are putting the shoulder in an internally rotated moment; not a great position to create a large overload in.

No, it was in Daryl Gee’s training. We used a lot of sled work for the upper back as well as “strongmang pull” (attaching a battling rope to a sled and while seated pulling the sled to us).