Should I Alter My Workout Regimen?

First of all, I wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed browsing this site. I’ve killed many hours here the last few days.

Now, a bit about me. I don’t know how to classify myself, exactly. I lifted my first weights around nine years ago (age 19 or so). At that time, I was around 6’1, 145 lbs. When I say I was weak, I mean I could barely bench the bar. Fast-forward to modern times. I’ve lifted off-and-on since then. I’ve never truly dedicated myself to it until now (presently 6’1, 177).

Thing is, I started off so far behind the curve that even now, after tripling and quadrupling many of my lifts, I’m still weaker than probably 90-95% of the people on here. I’ve been doing the same kinds of workouts all this time. I feel somewhat discouraged. At present, I’m doing a push/pull/legs split 5 or 6 days per week (started it in September). My lifts are still going up little by little, and the size is coming on very slowly (which is to be expected, I suppose; building muscle ain’t easy).

This is all to say: I’m bored with my routine. At the same time, I’m still gaining from it – albeit very slowly. Should I switch away from something I’m still benefitting from? One routine I’ve looked at is Chad Waterbury’s 30 Day program. It’s something I could do with the equipment here in my apartment. Would this be wasted on me? Is there something better out there? Should I just stick with push/pull/legs?

I’m in this for the long haul. That said, I’m in a wedding in April. I’d love to accomplish whatever I’m capable of accomplishing between now and then (and I’m not expecting miracles, just hopefully some improvement).

Now, I’ll shut up and listen to the experts. Thanks in advance!

Well i understand you, i started benching 50. Congrats for adding over 20 if that is muscles. I too will listen to the experts, i only added about 11 sofar. I do not know about the 30 days but i use some of Chad teachings except i like to train so i do his 3 days weekly but with spilt upper/lower so i train 6 days.
All the best !

I’ve actually added about 32 pounds, but some of that is fat. To be honest, I don’t know exactly how much muscle I’ve put on. I just know I used to really suck at lifting weights, and now I suck slightly less – so that’s an improvement!

Like I said, though: I’ve been really dedicating myself over the last few months. I feel like the program I’m doing isn’t pushing me hard enough. I want to try some sort of every-single-day kind of routine that makes me hate myself, because I feel lazy as hell right now.

I guess my current routine is (more or less) a 3x8 push/pull/legs routine. I push myself to failure basically every set, so I don’t always get all 8 reps. When I don’t, though, I usually go back and add in a fourth set and push myself to failure to make up for the reps lost in the previous incomplete sets. I don’t know if that’s the best way to go about it, but that’s what I’ve been doing.

Once that’s over, I take my creatine and drink my protein shake. And then I sit back on the couch with tired muscles and wish I could do something else instead of just resting. The off days are torture, too.

Again, though – maybe what I’m doing is what I should be doing. I’m here for advice, and I’m more than happy to take it.

Are you lifting weights to lift weights or to get bigger/stronger? Spend your off days learning how to better improve your diet and workout, mainly the diet. I would advise not taking every single set to failure; stimulate not annihilate.

I’m mostly looking to get bigger. I’ve never cared that much about lifting huge weight, except to get me bigger. I’ve spent my whole life as the skinny guy. That needs to change.

My diet isn’t horrible. I actually get my body weight in protein every day, eat something every two or three hours, drink 1-1.5 gallons of water, etc. If I have any issues, it’s probably not getting enough calories, but I probably get a surplus most days. And yes, I need to be better about ensuring I get that surplus.

Still, I’d love some advice on other workout routines.

While I don’t think you should change routines if you’re progressing(this should be incentive enough), I will say if you do not have faith in your routine you will not enjoy it/continue to progress for long.

So what are your current lifts numbers?

If you want to get bigger training 6 days you can try the suggested program there it will be weird at first NEVER REACH FAILURE but you will adjust. You can take a few weeks to build up your volume.
All the best !

[quote]The-German wrote:
While I don’t think you should change routines if you’re progressing(this should be incentive enough), I will say if you do not have faith in your routine you will not enjoy it/continue to progress for long.

So what are your current lifts numbers?

Fairly sad.
Bench ~160 10 RM
DB Curl around 45 10RM
Mostly dips for triceps (at 177 lbs) 12RM

That kind of gives you an idea of where I am. I don’t know things like accurate squat/deadlift numbers, because my weights only go up to 180. I do what I can. I’m thinking about using Waterbury’s suggestion of single-leg squats/deadlifts, but I need to learn proper form before I can do it.

BHappy: I read through all 19 pages of the Nubret thread. It’s definitely an interesting concept. I am thinking more and more about Waterbury’s 30 Day Mass program because it combines heavy/medium/light days. At present, I do nothing but heavy days!

I just had a revelation of sorts. I decided to incorporate some of Nubret’s ideas into my current workout. I went for 12 reps/set and decreased the weight to about 60% of my usual weight. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a happy revelation. I struggled like hell to do even three sets. I quite literally closed my eyes and focused on my energy on the muscle groups I was working. The light weights absolutely killed me. This tells me a few things:

  1. 6x12 with all of your concentration on one muscle group is a workout for real men.
  2. I am not a real man – at least, not yet. I think I might incorporate that into my workout even more.
  3. I think I probably have horrible form when I’m trying to lift heavy. Lifting even 40-50% of that weight Nubret’s way was a major struggle, and I only did three sets.
  4. Switching from lifting for power to lifting for volume is an incredibly humbling experience!

I’m so glad I did that. My chest, despite what I’d consider a pretty pathetic workout numbers-wise, is way more pumped than usual and already starting to feel sore! I think I’ll keep my current routine, but change up the weights/reps to be more in line with Nubret.