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Should I Add Surge?

I’m 19, in college, and have been working out regularly for over two years. I started with just some basic weight training, went on the Abs Diet, bought the book of muscle, mixed some other stuff in there whenever the routine got dull. Now i’ve been using a workout I’ve made based on some of Waterbury’s methods. I weight train 3x per week, play basketball pretty competitively twice, HIIT on weekends, and am starting some distance running this week 2x per week.

I’m 5’11" and 190 with about 12-14% body fat (use skin calipers so it may vary). I came into school at about 180 and would like to get back down around there in the next 6-8 weeks. I eat very clean, don’t drink too often, and use a creatine monohydrate, GNC megamens multi, fish oils, and ON whey. I’ve evaluated my suggested calorie intake at about 3700 and usually eat around 2900, but am maintaining weight without losing.

I don’t want to take any supplements that are a waste of money/mess negatively with my body, but do feel there must be a few things out there to help me burn this last bit off while increasing the results from my weight training. I hear a lot of people on here talk about Surge - would this be a good choice? what exactly does it do? (I’ve googled it but only know it by the name Surge so am not sure what you all are talking about).
I’ve also sampled some Advocare Spark Energy Drink which seemed to work pretty well pre-workout.

So basically I’m just looking for some advice on some supplements that would help me get leaner and more defined over the next couple months without messing anything up, and any other advice you all may have.

If you need me to post my workout or anything just let me know. Thanks.

post a pic of yourself. A picture is worth 1000 words.

All right, sorry for the cropping, I’m not big on posting full pics yet, and yes i’m a star wars fan. The tanner pic is from the end of last summer, it seems i was leaner and better defined then (kind of what i want to get back to) but my strength is definitely greater now.

Heres the second.

The supps you are taking now are good and not a waste of money.

Hey, first of all, good job. You’ve got some good development going on.

In terms of supplements you should take regardless of goals:
-fish oil

Moving on, if you’re looking to get leaner, then its really all about diet. Focus on losing any fat you want to lose while, hopefully, maintaining your muscle mass. Then, focus on adding muscle without getting too fat. Trying to do both ends with shitty results in both departments.

You’ll have to experiment and see what works best for you, but reducing your carbs and increasing your fats, while eating a slight caloric deficit is generally a decent way to drop some bodyfat. If you want, supplement with Surge after your workouts as one of your only sources of carbs, and add in branched chain amino acids between meals to ward off catabolism. HOT-ROX works well, too. Pick an approach, do it for two weeks, assess your results, and adjust accordingly.

So, in closing, for what you’re trying to do, I’d recommend:
-using Surge after workouts
-eating protein/fat/green vegetables during the day
-take BCAAs pre/during/after workout and between meals
-fish oil
-get your calories right
-add HOT-ROX if you want

Good luck. There’s lots of ways to skin a cat. You’ve done well so far.

Thanks a lot, I’ll look into Surge, HOT-ROX, and ZMA,

Can you elaborate on BCAA intake? how often/how much? Thanks

[quote]vp719 wrote:
Can you elaborate on BCAA intake? how often/how much? Thanks[/quote]

Well, I have had good results using 45-60 grams a day on non-workout days, spaced between meals, in about 15 gram doses. On workout days, I take 15 pre/60 during/15 prior. Your results may vary.