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Should I Add in Adex?


i am 11 days into an 8 week test prop-only cycle, injecting 100 mg EOD. i have nolva, clomid, and adex on hand. after doing my research prior to beginning the cycle, i decided not to include adex right off the bat, but rather to have it on hand "just in case". my reasoning for this is the mixed-opinion on these boards about its usage, as well as the fact that i have been around MANY experienced juice heads who felt it wasnt necessary. also, my cycle could be considered "light" especially with no orals.

anyway, i am considering adding in adex at .25 mgs EOD to begin with. i am noticing a SLIGHT increase in tissue under and around my nipples. there is no soreness or itchiness of any kind though.

i dont know if 11 days is enough time to see symptoms of gyno or if this is in my head, but it feels to me like something, albeit slight, is going on. i have soft nipples genetically, not full-on gyno per-say but i guess i would be "gyno-predisposed". so to be safe i think i should add it in from here on out till the end.

does my dosage of .25 eod sound good, or should i bump it up?? i have heard that higher doses like .5 mg ED can lead to mental symptoms such as depression, anxiety or just feeling shitty in general, and i would like to avoid that because im feeling great on the test.

thanks in advance for the help.


Run adex from the start, especially with a shorter ester like prop. Start at 0.25mg/EOD and adjust.

If you're getting symptoms now I'd take 1mg then 0.5mg/ED there after and taper down. Hell, one of the guys I get advice from is destined to be an IFBB pro just runs 1mg/ED and rarely uses over 750mg/week of Test.

As a personal note, I'm running 0.5mg/ED right now with zero sides (in fact I was doing 1mg/ED for a while and arguably my libido was most 'stable' then).


so when is the best time, if any, to take adex?? does it matter if i do it before i pin or after?? when you say take 1mg now, is that for one day only?? i know these are stupid questions but i like to cover all my bases.

thanks a lot for your help.


Conversion manifests itself at a faster rate so I would add in the AI. .25-1mg EOD depending on what is used and the user. Why prop?


i chose prop because its faster acting with less bloat and sides (from what ive learned at least).


You can take Adex anytime. 1mg is the frontload (1st dose only followed by regular doses for duration of cycle) to get blood serum level up quickly. Otherwise it can take up to 1 week.


Less bloat?! Goal specific, truly, but some prefer to blow up and worry mainly about the gyno.