Should I Add HCG?

I just wanted to get a few opinions from those on HCG and TRT. I am currently on 180 of testosterone cypionate a week. It’s done amazing things for my mind and body. Overall, I feel great. However, I am having some issues with desensitization of my penis. It’s making it very difficult to achieve orgasm through intercourse, even with excellent erections. My E2 levels hover between 35 and 45, with an 850 T level and a calculated free T of 22.03. I am also on arimidex to control E2. Overall, everything is great, except in the bedroom. Any info is greatly appreciated

Your estrogen is most likely the issue. I notice when my E2 is not centered, I can have a loss of feeling. You should try and get your E2 into the 22-23 range. Do you have morning wood. When my e2 was in the 30’s I had almost no morning wood.

E2 is probably too high!