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Should I Add Deadlifts?


My question is: Should I add deadlifts to Wednesdays.

Here's my current routine:
Power Cleans
Good Mornings
Calf Raises
Dumbell Press
Weighted HyperExtensions
Weighted Situps


Incline Dumbell Press
High Pulls


Power Cleans
Dumbell Press
Lying Tricep Extensions
Weighted Dips
Dumbell Curls
Weighted Sit-Ups
Weighted HyperExtensions

What do ya'll think?





Well that was emphatic. :slight_smile:


You don't have any deadlifts at all. I'd say yes.


I say no. You are squatting 3X a week, power cleaning 2X and good morning already.


Power cleans and squats are great but they don't replace the deadlift. If I was doing your routine I would replace squats with deadlifts on wednesday. The deads will help your posterior chain and balance your legs with a little more hamstring work. You'll likely see your squat poundages rise as well. That's IMHO.


I agree with the second statement because of the first. I'm not sure how you do your squat routines, but three a week could be too much if you're doing the same thing each time. I'd do two squat routines (max effort and a dynamic or hypertrophy based routine) and swap squat for the deadlift on wednesday.

I'd also do the power cleans before the squats in your routine - they are a more technical exercise so you need to perform them when you and your CNS are at they're most energetic ie as the first exercise.

Also get rid of the kickbacks - a pointless exercise. Read these 2 articles and pick another exercise.





I agree with Kruiser. I would also ditch the kickbacks on Mondays. From the other exercises you're doing, I assume you're not a bodybuilder but just someone trying to gain strength and get in shape, so there is no point in doing kickbacks.


I don't think the deadlifts are necessary after the work you're already doing.

However, I would suggest working chin-ups into your routine. Maybe on Friday instead of lying triceps extensions and barbell curls. Just a suggestion...


Thanks for the advice, all. I think i'll take Kruiser's advice and replace squats on Wednesday's with Deadlifts.



I like that idea of replacing a squat day with a deadlift day too.


Along with Kruiser, Kroll, and Miserable@ssbeotch, I too like the idea of replacing a squat day with deadlifts ... but, have you ACTUALLY done this program? I'm fatigued from just reading it ... waaay too much stuff for this cat.



Yes, i've been on this program for about a month. It does wear me out, but i'm noticing some nice gains from it both in strength and my physique.

I still have a lot of work to do to get where I want to be, though. Although all told i've lost 7lbs and probably gained a few pounds of lean mass upping my fat loss to over 10lbs.

If you think this is too much, though, what do you suggest I cut out?

Anything I can do to better my program i'm all for.


I also want to thank ya'll for letting me know kickbacks aren't much good for me... I'm replacing them with lying tricep extensions.