Should I Add An Extra Day?

I am currently working a split program off CW’s BIG BOY BASIC’s
It consists of two upper days and two lower days. One set of the upper/lower days it is a 8x3 scheme. The other two upper/lower days consists of a 3x8.

I am also keeping a weight log of the amounts in my lifts. I am making at least a 5 lbs addition to every exercise at each workout. I have made some good gains in the last month that I have been doing this.

I am wondering if I were to add one extra day, let’s say Saturday, and perform a full body workout with some high volume reps would I be over doing it?

With the extra day (Sat) my week would look like this:
Mon: Upper body 8x3
Tues: Lower Body 8x3
Wed: Off
Thurs: Upper body 3x8
Fri: Lower body 3x8
Sat: Full body (high rep)

Well let it begin!!!Let’s have it!

You could always do something other than lift in the gym on Saturday. Like find a local track team/club and run sprints and throw. Or you could go to the park and crank out chins and dips on the monkey bars and parallel bars. I would just get outside and do something. We live in Florida and the weather is too nice to spend a Saturday in the gym.

That sounds good and all but up until recent , here in Highlands County the weather has been a little to nasty to do outside stuff. I will however be begining a new cardio event in the mornings since it has started to warm up. Thanks alot!!

You add 5 lbs each time? Looks like you’re doing something right then. Don’t change it untill you notice a stall in your progress. If you do more, you might be overdoing it.

OK… So I am not going to be adding the extra day…

I am however, going to start the NEW CW program for Tricep’s. It looks reeaaallll gooood. to me. I ned some extra meat on my tri’s anyway. Thanks alot guys!!! GOOD LUCK!!!