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Should Humans Drink Milk?


I'm trying to refine my diet and am considering eliminating milk.

I've always drank milk and never had any problems that were obviously attributed to milk consumption. I do get IBS, but my GP thinks it's stress related (my last bout was in spring 2011).

My current mindset is that it's produced for cows (calves), so should only be consumed by cows. As with all mammals that produce milk, it is "designed" for newborns to ensure they develop properly in the first months of their lives. After several months they are weened onto solid food.

What are your experiences of cutting out milk? Is there concrete evidence for or against the consumption of milk after infancy?

Forgive me if this topic has been covered before. If you know of a decent thread or article that has answered this question, then please post a link.



I used to be able to down a gallon at a time, but then one day, most likely after not having it for a while, I would get occasional gas pains if I had too much (ie. half gallon or more at a sitting). It has occurred to me that we are the only animal that drinks milk produced by another species....



Milk is for babies.


cats will drink milk :wink: but yes, by large we are the noly species that will drink it.

I've never had it but I think there is big differences between pastuerized non-organic milk, then organic milk, then raw milk.

go by how it makes you feel. Personally, I love the taste, but it does cause me to belch a lot.


When you get older, you drink beer


When dieting I cut out milk completely. I get bloated like a balloon if I drink too much of that stuff.


I drank milk. I got big. I have better options now so I don't drink milk much anymore and my lactose intolerance is now devoid of any tolerance. It's basically yelling racist rhetoric at my tolerance.

I sure am glad I drank it when I did because I needed the calories.

I sure am glad I don't have to drink it now because I prefer to not shit my pants.


Nice work Stu.

OP - If you're not having any IBS, intolerance, and it is giving you good calories, tastes good etc, why cut it out of your diet?


I could also preform this feat at one time. a gallon in, a gallon out should explain things nicely


I don't see or hear of adult cows still drinking milk (their own). I'm no farmer tho.


I'm really trying to eat only natural foods and, like Fuzzyapple mentioned, adult animals in nature don't drink milk. I want to know if it improves my energy levels and general feeling of well-being. Don't get me wrong, I love milk, and removing it from my diet will affect some of my meals - It will be hard to make tasty porridge without it. I'm just experimenting I suppose. I did a successful V-Diet in 2010 and wondered if the absence of milk was significant. Also, I'm currently cutting, so fewer calories may give the fat loss a boost. I'll just make up for the loss of protein by eating more meat or fish. It won't require a drastic overhaul of my eating plan as I only drink about a pint of it a day.

I'm also toying with removing wheat and gluten, although I can't just go cold turkey on this one. Even my oats have gluten in :frowning:



*Adult animals in nature don't have access to milk.

*Also, certain populations consumed heaps of dairy and were healthy for it.

*Oats have very little, if any, gluten.

*Of what I read, the gluten in wheat today (and the wheat today), is not the gluten that was in wheat 2000 years ago (and the wheat that existed 2000 y. ago)

My 2c,


They don't drink protein shakes either or buy 300 dollar gym memberships and then forget they have one while it continues automatic draft for three months until they realize they can't see their feet.


Then again, that's exactly what makes milk such an effective bulking food: it's nutritious and designed to pack weight on. Same with eggs : that little shell contains all the raw materials to create a fully-formed chick. When you eat an egg you aren't just eating the embyro, but also the materials that help it grow and develop.


...also, there is no doubt in my mind that milk helped me grow early on. Maybe it is even more beneficial while still growing in height which would include all males up to around age 21.

The body you have at age 45 isn't exactly the same as the one you had at 15. If you can digest it well, why avoid it because of myths?


calves drink milk and they grow up into bulls. i think.
i noticed that i was lactose intolerant after i cut out protein shakes and doubled up on milk to save money. so now i have to drink lactaid and i am not saving as much money. nearly six dollars for 3/4 of a gallon. but milk is great. skim milk, that is just pure liquid protein. no fat, 5mg of cholesterol. have a glass for breakfast lunch and dinner


If you put little bowls of milk out in the wild and went back ad checked on them, guess what you'd find... you'd find that you'd have to refill the bowls or the animals would turn on you and say, "Give me some more f*&^ng milk, cause that shit is delicious."

So should we drink milk? People vary as much as does the quality of the milk. Some people do fine with grocery store junk milk and others do not. Sadly this commercially available milk is nearly the only milk which 98% of Americans know about... bla bla blahbidy blah blah, and I say sadly because pasteurization destroys many of the good for you components of milk, including lactase which helps digest milk. Organic, raw, unpasteurized milk gives most people no ill effects (including no upset stomach) and actually has a curative effect for many diseases such as asthma, which is actually worsened by commercial "regular" milk. Also for what it's worth, I think it's completely stupid to say that "humans are the only species that drinks milk." That's because we have hands, brains, tools, production techniques etc.


You ever thought about getting the lactase seperately and using cheap milk? Prob would save $$ that way.


Can someone please explain to me the material difference between drinking milk vs. using whey (or casein) protein?


They have different macronutrient make ups...

How about you do this.

Mix your shakes with milk.