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Should He Stand?


Colin Kaepernick sits during the National Anthem in protest of the treatment of people of color. Specifically, he says;

"People don’t realize what’s really going on in this country.

“That’s something that this country stands for freedom, liberty and justice for all. And it’s not happening for all right now.”

“I have great respect for the men and women that have fought for this country.”

“People are dying in vain because this country isn’t holding their end of the bargain up, as far as giving freedom and justice, liberty to everybody.”

“I’ve seen videos, I’ve seen circumstances where men and women that have been in the military have come back and been treated unjustly by the country they fought have for, and have been murdered by the country they fought for, on our land. That’s not right.”

Misguided? Disrespectful?

Yeah, not so sure. I watched a special tonight about Mark Bingham and flight 93 - he was one of four dudes that brought that flight down.

Mark Bingham stood up.

Colin is sitting down.

This is Why I Stand

I have thought about this since I first saw it on SportsCenter, IMHO:

He has every right to voice his opinion, act in civil protest, right to assemble, and even denounce his American citizenship.

I also have the same rights, and I have worn the uniform of my country, fought for my country, and still continue to work for my country, IMHO, CK has PISSED on the graves of every man and woman, whether white, black , brown or green, who had the courage to put on the uniform, to fight and die for their country,just to give a pampered, pussified, professional athlete, the ability to be paid millions of dollars for playing a CHILDS GAME.

What a piece of maggot riddled carrion, so fucking rotten, even a hyena would puke. You hate this country, CK? leave, donate your fucking money to the Louisiana flood victims, the four children whose mother was gunned down this weekend in Chicago, the massive amount of Syrian children who have only death for a playmate, but, no, just TAKE A SEAT, just dont put your hand over your heart, you POS, be brave, you fuck. The next time I am up at the hospital in Bagram, I will look around at those missing arms and legs and think about your heroic stand.

But, little asshole, it is certainly your right…


As I get older and see more and more of these scandals I give less and less of a shit about the NFL. I used to look forward to paying an obscene amount to watch a game a live, now I would barely go if the tickets were free. The league should fine the shit out of him and give the money to a veteran’s charity.

He has the right to voice his opinion on own his time, but while he’s at work he represents the league.


Fuck Colin Kaepernick


He’s an idiot, but when everyone is talking about it he’s winning. If no one paid attention to these stupid political publicity stunts I bet they would happen with less frequency. He did it to raise awareness to his issue. We shouldn’t give this village idiot the time of day, yet here we are.


The guy that was finned for racist name calling at black opposing players? Yeah, he’s an idiot.

This country provides more equality and opportunity to minorities than any country or society in the known history of the Earth. Black people have more rights and opportunity here than anywhere, including black African countries. Is the US perfect? No. But it is the best humans have ever managed to achieve, so a little respect for the people who died building it for you might be nice.


I agree with Idaho.

The whole notion that he is standing with the opressed is comical. He makes millions of dollars playing a game. If he wants to make a stand, donate to charity, quit playing so he can spend time helping others, or do something that can actually help.

I also think he is doing it as a narcissitic stunt to get his name back in the conversation after he had such a terrible season last year and might not get his starting job back. I hope the niners let him go.


@idaho HELL YES!!! You are absolutely correct and I really appreciate your thoughts :grin: I wish more people would realize this and stop being ignorant.


He is a scumbag. End of story.


I think it’s a very immature stance. It’s probably an issue he feels strongly about but in a hazy, un-nuanced kind of way. This is a professional athlete’s version of a Kony Facebook post.

That being said, standing for the SSB tells us nothing about a person’s patriotism.


I think I will only have one contribution to this post because it will be all I need to say.

First, I fully support his right to sit during the National Anthem. It’s his right to do so, fought for by the blood of thousands and thousands of men and women over the history of this country he apparently does not like. It is his right to cause a shit storm in the media in the twilight of his failing career, so he can possibly blame his inability to get a job on that.

I wonder if he would do that shit if he were named the starter for the 9er’s? Something tells me, he would stand hand on heart if he were once again the darling of San Francisco.

So he has a right to sit, it’s his God given right to be a stupid asshole. And it’s my right to think he’s a stupid asshole for doing it. I am not saying he can’t do it. If he wants to, if that’s the way he wants to be portrayed and remembered, by all means go ahead and sit. He may get to sit the rest of his life.
He has progressively gotten worse and worse as a QB and now he’s making himself a pariah to the league. What team is going to take a chance on a guy who is struggling badly and is marked as a trouble maker and someone who will be a distraction to the team? A lot of players feel passionately about the flag and country and what it stands for, who will want to play with him…
He says this country ‘oppresses black people’, like he knows the first thing about oppression. He’s getting $12 million for nothing. He grew up rich and hasn’t done much for his community. He’s done some photo ops, but that’s it.
And I hate it when people throw around the word ‘oppression’ here. We have some race issues here, name a country that isn’t primarily all one race, that does not have race issues? Name a better system to work with to cause change? I’d hazard a guess in his very lavish lifestyle and his shoe collection that could be in the thousands has never seen a day of oppression in his spoiled brat life.
Where was he in the protests? Why doesn’t he educate himself on what the problems are and address them from his ‘platform’.

I am afraid young man, you are speaking for nobody but yourself. Sitting out during the anthem does not a damn thing to help the black community. It doesn’t do a damn thing to draw attention to issues already getting a shitload of attention. Does he think these issues have been ignored, haven’t been covered and isn’t being addressed by many, many, many people? There’s a lot more people doing a lot more to address the serious issues people are facing everyday in this country in a single day, than he has in his entire life. I am afraid the only person Colin Kaepernick cares about is Colin Kaepernick.
If he was serious about implementing change, he could get off his self-righteous, self serving ass and get to fucking work. First thing, educate yourself about what the problems are. I am afraid a few YouTube videos, no matter how terrible they are, are not representative of the issues. You cannot just watch a couple of videos and go “I am outraged, I know, I will sit during the National Anthem, to a country that has been so very good to me, because these videos look bad.” Forget that the President is black and that there are people who are really working to make the country better. “Fuck them and the country they serve…”

He even acts as though he is the only player working for better race relations. There are many in the NFL who also care about this issue. But they don’t give the finger to the country, they go into their communities and get to work. There are lots of NFL players working for positive change and doing a lot more than Kaepernick.Brandon Marshall comes to mind, he uses his platform to invoke positive change in his community and he works for it.

Well fine, enjoy the backlash, you uneducated, spoiled brat who has never wanted for a thing. ever in his life… You are going to get it. You may protest your way right out of football and not have done a damn thing.


Bet they wish they never traded Alex Smith now… or fucked over Harbaugh…

May SF be 3-13 this year…


I’m in the same boat. Fuck him.

It’s such a racist country that he has a $115 million contract. Oh, and white parents who adopted him as their own. And free college. Etc.

At the very least, he should stand to honor the 624,000 Union soldiers who died to free the slaves.

To put that number in perspective, you can add up all the casualties in wars the USA has fought ---- from the Revolution to WWII to the various current/recent adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan – and you are no where close.

It’s something like 1/5 men of fighting age were killed in the entire country.

That’s worse than when the Russians fought the Nazis. It completely destroyed several generations.

They fought to free his ancestors (assuming he’s not part of the plurality of blacks in this country whose ancestors were voluntary immigrants).

Stand to give them respect, at least. Even if you are all about race.


Twat face here is the embodiment of the whoa is me, I’m a fucking bitch, victim mentality that so many young men have adopted. It’s both sad and pathetic.

Shit for brains should visit Walter Reed and explain to real Americans why he’s sitting on his pussy during the Anthem. Or just get the fuck out. Go cry in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia or China for all I care. See where that gets you.

Shit like this really pisses me off.


His offensive line should sit down. Before they do that, they should give the D-Line the snap count and the play called.


Somehow this seems appropriate here.


I think I read he’s engaged to a black lives matter leader which probably explains who is influencing him


I don’t know why everyone is making a big deal about it, I just figured he was going after publicity due to him not starting this season.

Sure he’s a twit for doing so but who cares? Let him fade into irrelevance, there are many other NFL players that are highly respectable that ought to be getting our attention.


And not standing for the SSB tells a lot about a person’s patriotism.


I completely agree with the not giving attention to the negativity and looking at those doing good. I personally have such a hard time looking beyond things like this because it’s hurtful to hear constantly. It’s scary to think about possibly having a kid someday in a crazy and disrespectful world like this. I had such a great life growing up and it’s hard to believe how much society has changed and accepts.