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Should females be trained different than males?

My girlfriend is tripping out because I guess she thinks its too hard. I have her on a 5x5 right now.

Monday and Thursday:
dead lift to knees
leg raises

Teusday and Friday:
shoulder press

She’s also eating six times a day (3 carb meals, then 3 fat meals) For some reason, she is doubting that I know what I’m talking about. So, she went and did some searching and went to femalemuscle. I am greatly offended.

Not that she should be training diffently but what are her goals? When did she start working out? Those are the type of question that I would like to know before setting her up on the same type of program. If her goals are diffrent the yours then yes she should be training diffrently.

For the most part, women can do the same programs on T-mag even though they are geared toward guys.

The program you have her on may not be ideal. Have you asked her what her goals and objectives are? Because that is what is most important. Also, if she hasn’t been training seriously or doesn’t have much training experience, then the routine you have her on may be too extreme.

There is a great article on T-mag called “Training T-vixen.” Read it. Print it out. Give her a copy!

Something that caught my eye the other day in the Lair of the Ice Dawg: Christian mention how, in many cases, women actually have a higher work capacity than men.

I’ve just recently gone through the same thing with my girlfriend. I wrote up a routine, diet plan, gave her some supps, a log book for her work-out and a log book for her diet and then I showed her the exercises. She loves stiff leg deads and now I can’t get her to stop. That’s all she seems to do, day after day. I told her last night that she’s overdoing it and needs to scale back. I’m afraid she’s going to start doing biceps the same way and every time I catch her, she’s going to be flexing her arms and kissing her biceps.

You’re doing the right thing with encouraging her, but don’t overdo it. Just gettig her to go to the gym at all is a big first step. Ease her into it and with your guidance and support, hopefully she’ll learn to enjoy it and she’ll start pursuing goals. Just take it slow and don’t push.

Hey Kurtdogg…

take it from another female…femalemuscle.com isn’t worth her time. now its not much more than advertisements for big testosterone-ridden women talking on sex-lines. i got tired of it. i went there as a beginner and a few folks on the forum know a thing or two and are legitimate powerlifters, etc. (mainly the males that show up)…but compared to t-mag forget about it :wink:

there’s no better place to get your butt in gear…male or female…than right here at T-mag.

i don’t train any different than the guys do…and there’s no reason to. as long as her goals are in line she’ll discover for herself over time what works best for her.