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Should eating frequently apply to every type?

Should eating every 2/2.5-3 hours apply to those of us on such diets like the T-Dawg diet who just want to lose the fat and retain/build a little bit of muscle mass?

Well, since the T-Dawg diet says to eat 5-6 meals per day, then my guess is “yes”.

Yes. Eating more frequently on a consistent basis upregulates your metabolism to handle the rapid digestion of food. If your body expects food every 2 hours, it will be sure to digest what’s already sitting in your stomach to make room for new food. Eating fewer meals per day sends your body into starvation mode because it doesn’t know when it will get food next.

I don’t know about any of this “upregulation” people seem to spew out like it’s fact. What I do know is that a constant supply of nutrients going into your blood stream is a good thing. I have trouble believing that in so many years of evolution, if you miss a meal your body now goes into this “starvation” mode. Anyhow, there have been studies on rats where 3 groups ate once a day and the other was fed every couple of hours. Over time the weight was the same but the fat percentage was lower for the frequently fed rats. Starvation mode? Probably but the important thing is to use what works, 5-8 meals a day. Croooz

During mass phases, I prefer to eat 4 times daily, but maintaining the proper caloric intake of course. I believe one would receive a better insulin response from each meal as opposed to a steady intake of nutrients wherein the body will never reach the high blood glucose levels hence not achieve much insulin response.

Crooz, I went to find a study to defend my wanton “spewing”. I had a decent reply formulated and all i needed was, uhm… facts to go along with my observations and maxims. That was until i lost function in my brain.

While on PubMed i found a little abstract that looked promising. Kirk TR. “Role of dietary carbohydrate and frequent eating in body-weight control.” Well shit, this sounds pretty good, right?

Try not to laugh

StudieS…plural would show a trend but it doesn’t offer proof. Where is the proof that upregulation of the metabolism occured? Can it truthfully be measured or is the fact that weight loss occured simply attributed to this? You claimed upregulation and I don’t believe it upregulates. I think that it allows your body to have constant supply of nutrients it can use without going to waste, or fat, but the simple fact of eating frequently “speeding” up your metabolism? Don’t buy it.