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Should Dwight Howard Train His Legs?


GOD I never really noticed how tiny his legs are?
do you think he should train them to even out his power?

I know i know its about basket ball skills but i cant imagine being top heavy wouldn't effect potential injuries?

Did you see how he fell against n oreleans and wasn't a factor?
fatigued etc? maybe cause his legs are so weak

just a thought.


Size doesn't always equal strength. The guy can dunk on a 12' basket and is one of the top players in the world. I think his legs are probably just fine for what he does, but I'm sure he would be interested in your input.



his legs arent tiny, his lower legs (calves) are skinny and its genetics and its no way to indicate that he doesnt train his legs

im personally built the same exact way and I have fairly decent hops, and my legs dominate the rest of my body, if you were to just gauge from wearing shorts you would guess i had chicken legs


Let the flaming begin...

Combining heavy leg training with running upwards of 4 hours a day your asking for knee problems.

Trust me his legs are strong, It takes a lot of strength to box out other 300lbs, jump 2.5 feet in the air sprint down the court jump another 2.5 fee in the air dunk on somebody, then sprint backwards and do it all over again.


He seems to be doing just fine at present.

But I'm sure that he probably wants to go knock out some calf raises after a couple of back to back games.


Why mess with a 40 inch vertical?

If it ain't broke....


He should work on his theatrics. He goes into a phone booth and only comes out wearing a tight version of his jersey and a cape? I was expecting a full-on Superman suit. Very disappointing.


x2, I was waitin for somethin amazin comin out of the phonebooth, but I was disappointed with just the cape, but what really disappointed me was his final dunk


You try being 6'11 and see what that does for your legs.


trust me , guys like that may have legs that look skinny proportionally, but they are strong as hell. adding size to his legs aren't a goal of his, and with hours of running and jumping every day, he likely couldn't do it if he tried.


well, in the end many say he is inconsistent. Hence the game against new orleans? how do you go about fixing that?

I would say weak legs is his only weakness to fix. where would you begin to train him?


Haha, i'm sure the last thing Dwight Howard worries about is if his legs are proportional with the rest of his body.


i predict an injury. soon. like greg oden. watch. then i'll repost.
i guess none of you ever trained athletes and waatched for proportions and structural balane.

does the name david boston come to mind?



Maybe I'm biased, maybe he is, but I think the reasoning of the magic's s&c coach for Howard not to squat is BS. If he indeed has lordosis, it should be adressed and corrected. They should not work around it.


^^^So every athlete should squat? That is ridiculous.

When the femurs are longer as they are with taller people squats should usuallybe avoided. The depth they would have to reach is begging for an injury.

Lebron should do more squats and spints!


Who said any athlete should squat? I don't care if Howard squats or doesn't, but I think the argument given by that trainer doesn't suffice to rule out any form of squatting.

Regarding the length of the femurs and squatting, longer as what? If the lower limbs are relatively long as opposed to the upper body, then there can arise problems with squatting. But you still have to assess the individual's body structure as a whole, not only the femurs. And how about front squats, sumo squats, belt squats or bulgarian split squats? I've seen 7 footers front squat rather effortlessly. IMO all of these are better than a leg press as a primary exercise for athletic purposes.


He looks top heavy because he's got muscle and is lean, like LeBron. These kind of people always look top heavy on camera, especially with those baggy ass shorts. I'm betting if you saw him in person he'd look more proportional.

Dwight Howard will be fine, it's the smooth looking players like Durant that I worry about (see Livingston, Shaun).


The fucker is 6'11", I bet his legs are ACTUALLY the size of you. Don't go by what the TV screen tells you.

Even someone that appears they shop at baby gap on the screen, Chris Paul, is actually 6' tall, making him taller than average.

I think Jason Kidd is 6'2", as tall as me. He looks like a dwarf anorexic on screen.

Just chill.



and look at the name of the OP.


When you are at Dwight Howard's level, inconsistency is usually a lack of mental focus. Not uncommon in a sport like basketball. The NBA plays 82 games. He seems to have enough good nights to be considered one of the top three or four players in the league right now. My opionion: It's LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Howard.