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Should Bush Become a Muslim?


On CNN this morning, Mullah Omar (or whatever the F his name is) said that Al Qaeda might call off the Jihad if GW becomes a Muslim. Dammit, I woke my wife by laughing so hard!

"Wait, the Cabinet meeting is delayed while I face east and pray."

These guys are just plain nuts!!


Yea..That's pretty damn funny!

Bush the muslim.


I think delusional might be a better word....


It would be fucking hillarious if he converted to islam, and then stepped up his war on islamic terrorists.


(Peter Griffin voice:)

Religious Zealotry.


I think he should become a Mexican. "El Presidente Jorje Arbusto" has a nice ring to it, dont ya' think?


Funny shit!


That one got me laughing! Good one!


They are also looking for a way out as they know they have lost!


I'm not convinced they feel they are losing, but I am convinced that they have no real understanding of us or our culture.

Their messages don't connect, with much of anything.

Now, our understanding of their culture is also probably fairly limited.


I think that the latest ovations (unrelated to this thread) signal that Osama wishes he had not attacked "the great satan."

I do agree that we do not have a firm understanding of the muslim culture. I don't think that having a better understanding would hurt. After all "know thy enemy."

In fact, a better understanding in the future may even help avoid wars. However, I have no idea how understanding that mad man (Osama) would have helped us avoid the tragedy of 9/11.


It wouldn't have. There is lack of understanding and miscommunication on both sides. But we have a basic idea of why they hate us. And we're not going to change for them any time soon. So, the problem will continue


Cut off all ties with the region. Buy any ME oil through a third party. Let 'em all kill each other.


I'm all for that. But apparently easier said then done