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Should Beginners Ramp?


Im 15 and more or less a beginner. I am doing a body part split with basic and mainly compound exercises . Should I be ramping the weight or sticking to flat straight sets because Im a beginner ?


Ramp as in start with lighter warm up weights and then work up to a nice heavy set [or 2 or 3 or 5]? I dont see why anyone would want to roll any other fashion. Esp in the beginning as your strength will rocket up fairly quick depending on how you're developing.

And if by straight sets you mean warming up and then doing 3-5 sets of a certain weight and moving on without working the weight up i would not really do that. Unless you have a really good idea of where your strength levels are at and you have a well laid out periodization already this wont be optimal.

So long as your heavy sets are executed fairly safely youre good.



Remove 'straight sets' from your vocab until you are experienced enough to figure out when they can help.



Do everything as CT says and learn how to push heavy weights


pretty much exactly what everyone else has said.... also "more or less a beginner" at 15 years old?



This is odd. Everyone I've ever known has started off with something simple like 3x10 (same weight). When has this become an ineffective way to start lifting?


When has it become the most effective way?

Many many people need to stop thinking backwards. People should not look for what will get them by but instead look for the best route to the end goal.


Who is to say what is the best route to the end goal straight from the start?


Very big people. Hundreds and hundreds of very big people.


Oh please. Plenty of people have gotten big on all kinds of routines. To speak in absolute terms about having only one possible route is close-minded.


Ok. Do your thing then. I'll continue to do what works best.


What you do or I do is irrelevant. There are two methods here -- both reasonable, both extensively proven in the real world. How can you say which is best for this particular trainee at this particular time?