Should Beginners Avoid Over Warm-ups, 350 Method, etc?

Hi coach. First off I’m going to apologise for asking a banal question you’ve no doubt had to answer once or twice before.

I was reading another thread in this forum for someone you termed a noob. I would say I’m also a noob - I’ve been lifting on and off for 10 years but I’m 155lbs, I’m 34 years old and have accumulated a lot of injuries over the years. My best lifts at this point in time are squat 85kg x5, bench 80kg x3, deadlift 130kg x2, OHP 55kg x5. My main aim is to gain muscle but I’m guilty of ridiculous program hopping.

The above thread I mention had this link 5 Years of Insane Gains which gives logical simple advice and a logical simple routine. I also read your Guaranteed Muscle Mass article which uses over warm ups, 350 method, etc. Are those things something a noob should avoid and is it better to just following the type of program in the link above?

I want to pick something that I can do for the next 12 months without having to think too much (I’m also guilty of over analysis). I’ve tried 2 days of Guaranteed Muscle Mass and it’s kicked my ass - not sure I’ll be able to keep it up for 12 months…

Run through a bunch of Paul’s programs over the course of the year.
-Do Guaranteed muscle for 12 weeks, then…
‘Simple but Brutal’,
Arnold Agonist-antagonist training ,
Bodybuilding for strength athletes,
Advanced full body
etc etc. 8-12 weeks each or as stated in article

If you go back to that thread, I give the routine from the study I wrote an article about. Why don’t you do that one for the next 12 months trying to get stronger in the 8-12 rep range like I outlined before?

Don’t pick it apart. Don’t ask “well will this be better…”

Just do it for a year. The women did it for six months nonstop. You can’t do it for that long yourself?

Hi coach. I’ve no issue about doing it for 6 months or longer (notwithstanding getting injured!)

Perhaps I’m being a div but just to clarify, the routine you are talking about is the one in your article of 8 May 2019, right?

Sure you can use that one. It’s an excellent routine. the kind I used in my intermediate years. Just a few different movements.