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Should America Elect a Polytheist?


Would you elect a Mormon?


I'll elect the guy closest to my position on the issues.


I have no problem with a Mormon president, although i can think of two Mormons in particular(Romney,Huntsman) who i never want to see in the whitehouse.


Yep this is the it I'd elect a blind dog with a note who had similar views to me


"Should America Elect a Polytheist?"

From certain viewpoints, Christians are polytheistic.



So is Judaism, but they would both be wrong. :wink:



The religion of a leader is not an issue of you do not live in a religious state.

Having a Muslim as Vatican 'Prime Minister', A Jew running Saudi Arabia or a Hindu as the leader of Israel, well, I think we can all agree that those just wouldn't work.


Would you elect an atheist, even assuming they agree with you on almost every political position, and their only difference was a lack of religion?

Be honest.


Depends whether it's a primary or general election. I've yet to hear a convincing argument for why Romney would be worse than Obama. With a choice between the two I imagine I'd go with the Mormon. Unfotunately I don't get a say in the matter. Not right really, when you think about...


Guess you missed the article?


Guess you missed the question?


Would I elect an atheist if they agreed with me on everything? Matters, is there a Christian who agrees with me? If so, I'll vote for the Christian.

However, the article was pointing something else out was my point on asking you if you read the article.


Well, now! That was an annoying article!
Since when are national politics the means to advance the Catholics narrow definition of christianity? I think it would be best if all candidates kept their religion out of the forefront. I honestly don't think it matters. We should all know by now that we really can't accurately judge a persons heart, moral character, spirituality or motives by their self-professed religion. To think that you can is just delusional.


What is really going to be interesting for the GOP for the 2012 Election is who will ultimately
carry the most weight...Evangelicals and the Tea Party...or the "Establishment" GOP. (So far, the former seems to be Wagging the Dog...).

From where I sit, it is not totally inconceivable that Michele Bachmann could be the nominee.

Romney simply carries too much "baggage"; is considered a Rhino by the Tea Party Wing of the GOP...and as far as many on the Religious Right are concerned, is simply not in the running because of his Mormon Faith.



Just read some of the replies in the article posted...and this is from a group of "Christians" who are some of the LAST that need to be "casting stones"...

Unless the GOP "establishment" pulls a rabitt out of the hat...Romney will NOT be the GOP nominee.



True on all counts. But when it comes down to either Romney or Obama guess who they're voting for? And they're not staying home. This will be the largest turn out of any election in almost 50 years.

Edit: I predict voter turn out will be at, or very close to the 60% level seen in 1968. During war and or recession more people respond by voting!



I would vote for anyone, regardless of religion, who I felt would lower taxes, shrink government and get rid of stifling regulations which hand cuff business.


Agree...there will be an extremly high voter turn-out for this next election.



And that means that the groups of people that you are talking about (Christians and Tea Party folks) that don't especially like Romney will show up at the polls. Now you KNOW they're NOT voting for Obama. What does that tell us? That tell's me that if Romney can steer right during the primary season, which he's doing, and then take a sharp left to the center right during the election he has a very good chance of becoming the next President of the United States. But I'm not ready to bet on that yet as I know the left win media will have Romeny in their cross hairs. And regardless of how bad Obama has trashed the economy he has a loyal base of support in unions, fringe groups and of course let's not forget his main constituency those on unemployment, welfare, food stamps and the other 5000 government programs that redistributes wealth to the lazy.


Romney is already in the "cross-hairs"...of his own Party. (Ask John Boehner how THAT feels...)

At some point, the Republicans and the Tea Party Wing of the Republican Party will have to take off the gloves and 1) go at each other and 2) come up with specifics on how they would fix things. "Just say no" won't do it.

I also don't think that there is anybody who thinks that during the Primary, the GOP candidates will be "united" in beating the President.

One last thing...don't forget the a "third party" candidate who could really muddy the waters in the end.

I think that the GOP Primary season will be MUCH more interesting than the General Election.