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Should Abortions be Part of 'Healthcare'?


NO! The Healthcare Bill allows for abortion services.

If you choose to use abortions as birth control, I believe you should pay for your own damn murder 100% out of your pocket....not my taxes!

Regardless if I agree with the procedure or not, it should NOT be a part of any healthcare program. Murder is not "Health".


I don't think my tax dollars should contribute to funding this. I am not in support of it at all.


Abortion is a fundamental right. Well at least my mom always told me she â??brought me into this worldâ?? and she could â??take me out of it.â?? Is that the same thing?

The scary part is that this will probably end up forcing doctors to perform abortions.


Agreed. This is just another left wing money and power grab.


If you don't want your dollars taken from you to go for someone else's abortion of their child -- even perhaps partial-birth -- why, you are intolerant and filled with hate. Don'cha know.


Then what are they? Of course I agree with you.


I'm all for killing bab-- err, I mean abortion, and I still don't think this should be packaged in there. Then again, I don't really agree with any health care bill they're trying to push through.


I agree completely.



Let them kill their own seed. While I don't agree with abortion, it's blood on their hands, not mine. But don't make me pay for it. What will I have to pay for next? Breast augmentation? Penis enlargement? Liposuction for all the fat useless fucks infesting America? Sex changes?!?!


What about liver transplants for alcoholics? What about gastric bypass surgery for fat-asses? What about methadone for H addicts?

I am against stealing health care from people who can afford it just so we can feel good about giving to people who cannot.


Of course, any good legislation should be built on a large stack of dead baby carcasses...Besides, kids are such a pain in the ass...


I'm pro-abortion, but the government shouldn't pay for it.


Depending on where you live, and what insurance policy you have, you may already be paying for abortions either through taxes or insurance premiums. Most private insurers cover at least some abortion services to protect the health of the mother. All states pay for at least some abortion services under Medicaid (see Hyde Amendment). Also note that the current proposed plan does not use federal funds to cover abortion services. Plans that provide abortion coverage will be required to pay for the services using beneficiary premiums.

Finally, if you object to your tax dollars being used to pay for murder, you should move to a state (or country) that does not practice capital punishment. Obviously abortion and execution are not the same thing, but many religions condemn both practices as being immoral and unjustifiable.


Just shut up and pay your taxes already.

Your opinions are worthless to the ruling class. Your proletariat voices are null and void.

In fact, you're now on a watch list, bitches.


First, NO, none of my private insurance dollars go to fund abortion. That's the beauty of private insurance, everyone pays for themselves. That is kinda the whole point of it, to bad you missed it.

If you can't see the difference between capital punishment and abortion, there is no hop for you.

In addition, lets look at some numbers, shall we? Will go with a state like Texas, just for your statistical benefit. In 2008 There were 18 executions of horrible despicable people in texas.

The same state (texas) in 2005 had over 77,000 abortions preformed on entirely innocent humans who'd never done a bad thing to anyone. Even if, in the end, only a couple of percent are government funded, you get the idea of the magnitude of difference we are talking about here. They are entirely morally and sizably incomparable.

Even in a state like texas there are approximately 4300 abortions to every execution.


Health care is not one of the proper functions of government. Women should be free to choose to have an abortion and doctors should be free to choose not to perform them.



This is the point that normally I would say something about a collection of cells not qualifying as a human.

But I'll let it go because your logic is clearly flawless.


Umm hell no....

Are they really putting that in the healthcare bill?


Is anyone actually surprised, given the outcome of recent elections, that this would be in the healthcare bill?


Who is your insurer? Did you specifically choose a pro-life policy that doesn't cover any abortions even to protect the health of the mother? Because otherwise, yes you are. That's the point of insurance, actually. Everyone pays money into a common risk pool because no one can predict who will need to take money out, or when.

My workplace only offers a single insurance provider - Anthem Blue Cross of California - which most certainly does cover abortions. My family is not eligible for private health insurance other than major medical coverage. So the government plan would at least give me the option of not paying for abortions with my premium dollars, which is an option that I do not have today.

Do you have principles or not? Forcing pro-life people who oppose capital punishment to pay for a few murders is OK, but forcing anti-abortion people to pay for abortions is not - because of the number of murders involved?