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Should 10-Year-Olds Get Tattoos?



-10 y/o kid's brother died
-asked mom to get a tattoo in remembrance of his bro
-she said o.k.
-he got it done
-mom got arrested for "child cruelty"

note: the kid got the tattoo done at a legit studio.

So, should the kid have the legal right to get a tattoo since his mother consented to it? Would you let your child get a tattoo?


I don't understand why a tattoo like that is cruelty but piercings, which can scar and get infected, are not.


Go figure, right?


Police state. Get used to it.


I see nothing wrong with it. I realize many would consider this a "blurry line" or whatever. But shit, the kid ASKED to do something, how the hell is letting them do it cruel? It's in memory of their fucking sibling. And like Oleena said, wtf is with piercings being ok fro young kids, but apparently a tattoo is evil? I hate people sometimes.


Land of the free, lol.


Nope, not at 10 years old....not that getting a tattoo done at such an age is legal in England anyways.


If the kid was 14/15 I'd allow it.


i think its fine morally, id just be concerned about it getting streched as he grows


he's not old enough to to make that decision, no matter how heartfelt.

no, I would not let my child get tatood. I have also refused mohawks and earrings (my 6 year old has asked for both b/c of the little future felons he goes to school with - because when your parents are letting you get your ears pierced at 5, what kind of parents do you expect they'd be???).


It would be different if the tat was spiderman or something like that but this is a real meaningful piece...


Law shouldn't be involved but also no, 10 year-olds shouldn't get tattoos.


This is technically still on subject:

I'm amazed at the people with several large tatoos that struggle to pay rent, no medical insurance, etc. They have plenty of money for the tats but seem to run out when it comes to the necessitys.


Heh heh, you're right.


EVERYBODY SHOULD DO WHATEVER THE FUCK THEY WANT AS LONG AS ITS NOT AFFECTING ME OR OTHERS!!!!! if it is affecting you, you probably always complain and I wouldnt want to be near you.


I don't think so, just because it will stretch and change too much as he gets older. I guess he can get it fixed though.

I don't understand why the mother got arrested though. The tattoo artist should know the law and if anyone should be in trouble it should be him.


That's like parents (mothers) who get their infant daughter's ears pierced. Wtf?

Besides, he's not done growing. That tat is going to be all out of shape and shit by the time he's 18.


Right because Mohawks make you a felon..............wow, awesome stereotype bud. oh while your at it you mind as well just say that Older White guys always wear plaid pants and Golf 24-7 right? (see mirror).

So if I shave my kids head because in summer its hot or because he does Brazilian Ju-jitsu 4 times a weak and he like his hair short for that then my kids going to grow up to be a Skinhead???

I do agree on the ear piercing deal, some people get their INFANT girls pierced, that's a little scary for me, I would not allow that.

I Don't think Id stop my kid from wearing his hair like he wanted and I do not. If my kid grows up to be a felon then it has notning to do with his fucking hair and everything to do with my failure as a parent to teach love, respect, and acceptance.

Now Im going to be a hypocrite here and say that I do not allow my boys to walk around with their pants hanging off their asses like a gangsta......I guess that would imply that I believe thier style of pants is going to influence how they grow up............I just hate baggy jeans and I don't want to walk around seeing other peoples asses in public, its fucking disrespectful.


What is BG sterotyping? Race was never mentioned, bud.


What about deadlocks or cornrows..any kind of braid?