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Shoudler/Trapezius Imbalance?


Ive always had this since i dislocated my shoulder 3 years ago but i never get pain from it and now its beggining to irritate me the way it looks i never have problems doing military presses or bench presses but my shoulders are not the same and its irritating


does anybody know how to correct it and fix this problem or the excercises i can do to get my right shoulder on par with my left ( i am lefty )


first great that there’s no pain now.
do you do mostly bar work, for singles too?

me, i’d want to look at your whole movement to make recommendations based on your whole movement - otherwise for me anyway it’s just guessing at what of a dozen or more things could be happening.

pending on your area you can find a functional movement specialist or z-health trainer who can do an assessment with you.

if you can’t find someone or get satisfaction in a reply here, PM me - i see a lot of folks via web cam.