Shots Messing Up Training?

Hey fellas I was just curious if anyone else had a similar experience.

After a physical, I ended up getting four shots yesterday.
Tetanus, Meningitis, Hepatitis A, and Flu (i know there’s a lot of literature against this one, and maybe all of them)

Anyhow, today I’ve felt awful, I expected my arms to be sore, and they were to the point I can’t lift them above my shoulders.

Anyhow, with my lack of necessary sleep, busy training schedule, and high stress load I assume I already have a depressed immune system before I received the shots.

Today I had to do running at baseball, and barely finished. I was so dizzy and have had a headache for the last few hours.

I’m cutting out another day of training, because, I just feel awful, despite the fact that I got more sleep than usual last night (about 8 hours)

Anyone else had similar experience, or is this a weird one?

absolutely. you said so yourself, you’ve lowered your bodies immune system. plus, whenever i get bigger shots, like tetanus and hep, my arm is pretty sore a few days. just see how you feel day-to-day and you’l be fine in no longer than a week i bet