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Shot's Crossfit Experiment Log


So, I do a lot of strength and bodybuilding work. I’m in the gym 6x a week and I’m usually doing bodybuilding style training. I went on a month bulk and gained 15 pounds (Lots of muscle build but also some unwanted fat). I then extended my bulk by just plain old shitty eating and not adjusting my caloric intake. My old weight was 190 and In two months I went to 212.

I made lots of strength and muscle gains…but my god I look and feel like a slob. Now it’s time to start cutting. I was just going to continue w/ heavy weight lifting and add in cardio (HIIT and Cardio after my workout) and of course adjust my macros and calories. However, my pops runs a Crossfit gym and him and his buddies are always in there. I’ve done my fair share of Crossfit workouts but I’ve never stuck with it.

I have always been worried about losing my strength and muscle gains (stupid I know). I started getting back and doing some Crossfit workouts. I decided I’m going to do Crossfit for a month and a half. Keep my 5/3/1 and do it on the big lifts before my workouts. I’ll be taking before and after pictures, keeping a log here detailing the workouts and my 5/3/1, how I feel and the strength gains etc.

Stay tuned…