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Shotput Workout

im putting together my lifting program for winter, throwing shotput is the goal and i want to do this in college
stats: 6’ 5’’
weight: 250, im cutting to 230 then bulking when track comes

bench: 285
squats: havent for a while, going back up now though (fucked up back) ive done 225x8 on front box squats, 225x2 on back box squats
deads, 275x5 hex bar, just getting back into these as well
hang clean: 155x5

day 1
box squat
front squat
lunges for reps and a few sets of leg curls

day 2
hang clean
power snatch

think ill put back here what do u think?

day 3: off

day 4:
bench variation of some kind
second pressing thing
3x10 (need mass)
miltary presses, lateral raises all high reps
skull crushers, dips and extensions for tris

day 5:
seond leg day, make fronts first and backs second

day6: same as day 2

day 7:

hows this look? im looking to just keep my bench up, maybe thorw shoulders in day 2 and 7? as well as back… really want to beef up my legs

of course you need your back in 2 training day.just keep it moderate not too intense.

  1. Why cut? You want to be a thrower…just do some basic conditioning work in warm-ups are on their own and watch what you eat…

  2. Go read info on throwers training…what you have is nothing like what most good throwers do to prepare…

Do you want to be a thrower or look like a thrower ???

If you plan on throwing,…throw. I assume you are a “walk on”, in I am guesing a Div 3 school. The more throws you do the better you will be. The NTCA (National Throwing Coaches Association) has a very good throwing DVD on shot starting from very basic drills.

On the lifting side, you are doing too much, and I would find some room for jerks, or jerks behind neck or power jerks etc, somewhere in there, but basically it looks like a bbing routine to me.

i throw at high schol right now, second year doing it, can someone give a rough layout of what would be good lifting then?

Try googling Adam Nelsons website “throw Clean”, has lots of throwing info and lifting info relative to throwers.

He is twice Ol silver medalist and 2005 world champ, so enter with respect.

Also anything you can read by Anatolie Bondarchuck would help.

It is a very complex area of training, with lots of shades of grey. Read up keep an open mind, and realise that technique is king even for the power throwers.

Have fun.