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Shotput Track and Field

I am a junior in highschool and am just starting throwing shot for track. I know that there is alot of technique in shot but strength and speed to. Does anyone know what exercises i could do in the weight room more often to help with the strength part and or speed? I lift everday still after practice so id like to try some more stuff if anyone has tips.

My stats are:
Bench 305
Sqaut 450
weight 267

Clean, snatch, push-press, one arm push press.

best shotput exercises are the jammer press and the 1 arm jammer rotation because they teach you to use your hips the way that you need to for the shotput, in addition to making you stronger. Its also a great exercise for football players. The next best thing would be hang cleans, snatch, and then bench press (IMO).

All good suggestions, can’t disagree with any of these. I would also work on Plyo’s (box jumps, lunge jumps, etc…) increase you vertical jump. And for speed across the circle I would suggest a sprinters workout twice a week. Lastly I find most of my shot putters are too damn inflexible, and off balanced. Be in control of the weight in all your lifts and stretch. Be able to get into the correct positions. PM me if you need to.

You need Charles Staley to see this he could help you out alot. What I would suggest is working on your military press.