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Shot Puttin', Conjugate Experiment, & General Awesomeness

My first post… Ok, I got this…
Happy Easter!
Ok so today is an off day. I’m coming on to a deload this week, so no I’m not a huge puss. I’m running my own program that I (sort of) designed. It’s a variation of a traditional conjugate system. It looks a little like this:

Week 1: Work up to a 5RM
Week 2: 80% of 5RM for amap
Week 3: 5RM
Week 4: Deload
Week 5: 3RM
Week 6: 75% of 3RM for amap
Week 7: 3RM
Week 8: Deload
Week 9: 1RM
Week 10: 70% of 1RM for amap
Week 11: 1RM
Week 12: Deload
Wash, rinse, and repeat.

I kind of took a few elements from Juggernaut, 5/3/1, Westside, and some other peoples personal programs. Basically I took things I knew worked for me and went from there.
For max effort days, my schedule looks like this:
Max effort exercise
Secondary lift
Secondary lift
Accessory movements

This last month (my first 5RM wave), lower days were:
Single leg deadlift
Leg Press
Abs and conditioning

And upper days were:
Incline Bench
Dumbbell Bench
Smith Machine Overhead
Supersetted back work with all presses
Arms and conditioning

My goals for this past month were to pack on a few pounds of mass, with no noticeable fat gain, which I succesfully accomplished.
my dynamic effort days go in a 4 week cycle like so:
Week 1: 3 sets of 6 at a @1 effort (super light)
Week 2: 5 sets of 3 at a @3 effort (light)
Week 3: 15 sets of 1 at a @5 effort (medium)
Week 4: 3 sets of 5, medium weight, slow and controlled
The traditional percents for a Westside type program were to heavy to be fast for me. I choose to go with the Reactive Training System method of RPE’s for this, as the weights seem to move faster for me when I do this. Also on dynamic days, my upper work consists of overhead press and Incline bench. This is because, as mentioned in the title, I am a shot putter. I will hopefully be making it to, and placing in, the state meet this year.
Oh, and my schedule looks like:
Mon- DE Lower
Tues- ME Upper
Wed- “off”
Thurs- Assistance day
Fri- ME Lower
Sat- DE Upper
Sun- Off
Well that’s my training in a nutshell. I look forward to… I’m not sure what… Being followed I guess, but that’s kinda weird. Oh well. Next post will be tommorow!

Well, I guess I lied. Anyways.
It was a deload week, and I had more imprtant things to do than show up and lift little things. Basically I ran more than normal, and did a bunch of bodyweight stuff.
On to today’s training:
Max Effort Monday
3RM Deadlifts-
135x5x2 sets
225x5x2 sets
Called it there, since my previous 1RM was 460.

Step ups- 45’s up to a knee level box, no opposite leg drive, 3 sets of 8 per leg

Weight load onto box-
Using stone trainer, did 105 pounds up to a chest level box for 3 sets of 6

That’s all I had time for.
This cycle I’m focusing on turning strength into speed, innervating my new found muscle mass, building some more mass, and multidirectional strength for more shot specific purposes.

Today was Dynamic Effort Upper!
My weight: 215 pounds

Warmup with the track team, and then I threw for technique for 20 minutes. Then:

Overhead Press- 65x6x3 sets

Inclince Press- 95x6x3 sets

Circus Dumbbell-
70 x 3L/3R
80 x 3L/3R
85 x 2L/6R

Lots of pullups all throughout.
And fun was had by all.

Tonight was… DE Lower!
Weight: 215

Warmup: With the team, and threw for 20 minutes.

115x6x3 sets

Box jumps w/ half turn:
3 sets of 6

135x6x3 sets

Broad jumps:
3 sets of 3

Asterisk Lunges:
4 sets of 2 each direction

Pretty good day, kinda wasn’t feeling it, but oh well.

Tonight was Max Effort Upper
Weight: 215

Warmup- With the team and threw for 20 minutes.

Bench 3RM w/ makeshift Slingshot:
45x10x2 sets
245x3 Added shirts and belt here

150x10 after each set of bench

Jammer Press:
50x6x3 sets

Super strict Chinups-
BWx3x3 sets

Dumbbell Pushpress-
45x6x3 sets

Barbell Rows-
135x8x7 sets

Pretty good night, have a meet tommorow so wish me luck!