Shot Put Workouts/Training???

hey guys, im going to be doing spring shot put in a few months and im just wondering if there are any workouts/routines i should look inot in order to help my throw…

thanks for all comments and replys…


Any Powerlifting workout, read Dan John and Dave Tate articles should give you a good idea where your workouts should be. As for other training, sprinting and jumping exercises to help with your speed in the circle.

Also check out

Check out the workouts with guys that went to Hungary. Gives you a perspective as to relative training times and emphasis.

be sure to incorporate lots of sprints, jumps and medicine ball work.

west side idea is fine but i tend to use push press throws or bench throws on the upper body dynamic day and snatch throws and squat jumps on the dynamic lower body days. Whats the point of pressing a weight fast only to have to decelerate it, at least with the others you can release the weight out of your hands or there is little deceleration involved

also lots of rotation for the abs, russian twist, contact twists, walking twists