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Shot put training

Does anyone here compete or throw shot put. Im starting my training for it and if anyone has any advice please respond. I am thinking of doin a lot of power movements such as power cleans, deadlifts, and jump squats. Also, I used the glide tech for the shot put. Im 18 years old and throw in the high forties as of now but my glide is not perfect. Im hoping to throw in the high fifties this spring and break my school record. Any training thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

pushpresses too. you likely need some kind of pushing movement

Full contact twists and explosive olympic lifts. I’d throw the shot a lot too. At 18, are you in your senior year in high school? Look for instruction on the snatch or the one arm dumbell snatch too, or both.

Since most of your power in the shot put comes from the extensor chain, I would stick to power snatches and power cleans, with emphasis on power snatches. Overhead squatting would also be an excellent supplement to strengthen the whole shoulder region.

I threw shot back in the day (high school in the late 80’s), and we used to run hills and stairs, rationalizing that most of the strength comes from the quads. Of course we didn’t use weights, and I wasn;t nearly as knowledgable as I am now, so I’m sure there are much more up-to-date methods -lol

You said that your glide is “not great.” I think you certainly have the right ideas for lifting, but not the correct mentality on how to get over the 50’ barrier. Technique is king. In high school, I weighed 180 lbs. and couldn’t even bench 225 but I threw 50 and 163 in shot and disc, but only because I had solid technique. Check out www.web-ster.com/kcarr/dischat.html

thanx guys. I realize tech is the most important but my coach is new. He hasnt been doin much to better himselve in the throwing events. I start winter track this week so hopefully ill get a jump start on it before spring season comes about. any other web pages for tech tips would be nice. later

Have you guys forgotten, train your interior and exterior obiques. Do a lot of twisting motion for your obliques w/ medicane ball ect.

Here are a couple of good sites:

www.longandstrong.com (check out the good interviews, the Smith files should have info. on the glide)

www.enteract.com/~bwal/shotdisc.htm (also quite a bit of info. on the glide from John Smith and others; read anything by Andy Bloom also, as he has thrown 71’8 and 220+ in the discus)