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Shot Put- Training Tips

Hi all,
I am going to be a junior in college this year and I was interested in throwing shot put. I have done lots of research and i have not found for guys in my situation. I am about 6’3" tall and weigh about 380-390 pounds. I am strong as an ox, but my throws with a 16 pound shot put have yet to break 50 feet.

So my question is what should I do as far as training to increase my throwing distance? Do I need to lose weight first and then work on throwing or what? Any tips or work out plans, meal plans, anything would be highly appreciated.

First of all, being strong as an ox is half the battle when you weigh that much buddy. Just being introduced to Shot Put at your current level with no past involvement not only will hurt you, but it would take a year or so just to get into the transition of Shot Put. I mean the technique of Shot Put is a big battle as well! And weighing almost 400 pounds? Are you sure you aren’t an Ox already? ;).

To even consider training for Shot Put, in your case, you need to lose at at least 100 pounds for your frame! Maybe more! And really, people believe the biggest and strongest guys are supposed to be the best throwers, but that is never the case. Being quick across the ring is a factor many, many people forget.

It might be a hard journey for you, but in my opinion, a HUGE diet, speed/agility work and working with a great Shot Put coach, I think you could do something. Not really much you can do though buddy. Might of been better if you would of gotten in the swing of all of this earlier!

Best of luck!

I was a pretty successful college putter (62’). From the information you gave, I would suggest a few things:
1)lose weight
2)improve flexibilty
3)improve core strength


You might want to try to get in touch with Dan John. I know he’s trained quite a few very high level throwers and I believe he’s an accomplished discus thrower himself if I’m not mistaken.