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Shot Put Thread

Right I’m plopping this in the Beginners section and starting a new thread as the other ones have been dead for 8 years or so.

I have to do a sport and be competing at a county level for my A Level PE Coursework. Unfortunately the sport I do and train for, Powerlifting, isn’t a sport according to people in charge of the coursework. I am told I have some potential in Shot Put as it is just power/strength with good technique. I have the strength part and am continuing to improve that. I’m learning technique at the moment and will be doing the glide technique.

I don’t have a specific question in mind just am wanting general thoughts on the sport of Shot Put and aspects involved in it.
E.g. :
Training program for it
All sorts really

Is there a minimum distance you’re looking to hit in order to be competitive?

I’m positive Dan John has a ton of info on throwing, just not here on T Nation because it’s not totally on topic.

But from his 4 Pillars of Strength Training article:
"Not long ago, Doug Dunagan talked with Brian Oldfield about his training. Brian is a legend in the strength sports — he’s the first man to throw the shot 75 feet. Go ahead, pick up something 16 pounds and throw it. If you measure half of Brian’s effort, you’re probably in the 1% club.

Doug described Brian’s lifting like this:

“His lifting was done on Mondays and Thursdays, and he generally worked with five sets of doubles. On the push press and front squat, he did triples. Sometimes he did ten sets because often he felt that his fifth set was the easiest.”

Bench: 5x2 401
Clean and press: 5x2 364
Snatch (split and squat): 5x2 250
Front squat: 5x3 465 (500 single)
Push press/jerk: 5x3 365-450
Brian had a little formula that still makes sense. To add a foot to one’s effort in the shot put, you need to add 15 pounds to your max on each lift. Brian’s workout was the same for this period: Tuesday and Thursday he’d repeat all five lifts."

An in-person coach would be the best bet. Either hiring one or asking to “sit in” on a high school or college practice as long as you don’t interfere.

I’d suggest eating like an athlete. Whatever that means.

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I need to be within at least 3 metres (10ish feet) of those winning or in the upper echelon in my county.

I’ll read up on Dan Johns stuff thanks.

Don’t forget to walk backwards after doing your shot putt ‘throw’! fukin cheeky lil rule was my undoing too often!

Footwork, footwork, footwork.

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If you want to learn how to throw things, you need @hel320. He’s on an adventure right now, but maybe he will be able to help when he gets back.

x2 Chris’ advice.

Google Dan John’s forum and ask him some questions. Perfect world buy one of his books like Never Let Go but also has a free ebook ‘From the ground up’ that is full of gold