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Shot Put Source?


I'm lookin at possibly getting into throwing(shot put) and was wondering does anyone know of good sites, articles on technique training or specific programs for a beginner thrower?

I've been lifting for two years now but i just feel like shaking things up a little



arent you throwing at a school? if you are, just learn from a coach


I agree with the coach comment, but beleive that all throwers should become students of their event. If you are a thrower, you need to read.

Adam Nelsons Throw Clean site was great but recently I cannot open it, so it may have gone. Throwers.org may also be gone, and the forum "the ring" should be read but the training ideas are based on question and answer, and I don't get many questions answered.

Suggest you search the net for "shot put training" you would be amazed at the articles that come up. Also if you are serious the Nationa Throwing Coaches Association has a stack of videos, Rob Larossa is great, Larry Judge excellent honestly search and read then grab some DVDs.

Good luck and throw far...


Like Brauny and GMH454 said, talk to your coaches and do alot of re-search. Your gonna be starting off with standing throws, so DONT worry about reading about spinning and gliding. I watched a shit load of youtube video's, and that helped me out some.

Im the strongest thrower on my team by far, but there's a few kids that are alot weaker, but have amazing form, and that gives them the ability to throw just as far as me. The most importand advice I can give to you is form and speed are your best friend when throwing shot.


If you intend to glide look up the names Ulf Timmerman, Michael Carter, and Randy Matson. Timmerman basically used Matson's glide technique with some enhancements. Remember that throwers throw- 50 - 100 throws for a glider in the 1960's and 70's was not uncommon in a single practice. And many of the really good guys threw the olympic size shotput at a young age.


Start here
Check out the drills


There was a video made a few decades ago that helped me a lot when I was first starting to throw: "Basic 70 Foot Shotputting" by Al Feuerbach. It was a little cheesy but had drills and suggestions that made a big difference. YouTube has a lot of good videos as well. Are you a glider or spinner?


danjohn.org-especially his free e-book you can download on throwing

www.davedraper.com/fusionbb/showforum.php?fid/73/keyword/Dan+John- ask plenty of questions and check out the program minimum stickie among others