Shot of Wheat Grass

I had my first shot of wheat grass juice today at the local Wild Oats market. Not to bad, but I got no energy pop like everyone had hyped it up to do. Is this little cup of juice good for anything else except weird tasting burps? I know it contains all the chlorophlic micronutrients and has said to have anti-cancer properties. Anything else good about it? Personal expeiriences? Thanks



i found that it didn’t give me a energy boost but after taking 1 a day for a week i found that i just felt better all around on a daily basis, nothing really works the first time anyway…

I used to get a double shot and I would get a pretty gnarly little buzz…lol .

I juice my own so i get a lot more then the shot most people get per day. But I have found myself MUCH more awake and alert during the day… no energy burst after taking much like shyne said…

I feel heaps better for taking it, but in all fairness… i had some exams a while back and ate total shit, and did no exercise for some time, then i start exercising again and eating properly and taking wheatgrass and i feel 10 million percent better… Im sure the wheat grass played a role i just dont know how much… I find that if i stop taking it and keep my diet good, i definetly lose some of my awakeness/alertness, but its nothing huge…

I am a fan of green drinks and just add two teaspoons of Vitamineral Green to my shakes each day. I have researched several green drinks and feel that Vitamineral green is the most comprehensive one.

Mike Mahler

i heard if you drink that shit it leads to excessive tree hugging. i could be wrong though.

Wheat Grass is super beneficial and provides a ton of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc. More useable calcium than a glass of milk for damn sure. IMO greens powdered products are a little better(not to mention more cost effective than buying a shot daily) because the powdered greens (usually) still have the fiber from the grass intact. Much better than a crappy multivitamin tablet.

I have used a “green drink” in my health regimine for years.

Currently I use a green drink called “Perfect Food.” I have not seen any green drink yet that packs the nutrients that Perfect Food does.

I can really feel a difference when I use this on a regular basis!


Where can one obtain “Perfect Food”


tipfam, There are other great natural products on the site as well!

Anyone know anything about a fruit and veggie capsule supplement called Juice Plus? I’ve been taking it for a little while now.


Who produces that product?