Shot in the Ass

I run test only cycle, but every time I start back up after being off (three or four mths)the first shot hurts like hell, for like a week, in fact, I’m sore from my first shot right now, but can’t feel the two I’ve done since (2nd one a little bit) just wondering if this is common

Usually my first pin will hurt a little more than the rest but I’ve never had painful injections to where I can’t lift or walk right

I’ve been running test E only cycles for a couple years, the first shot always hurts,I’m debating splitting it up 3 small shots the first day, now I’m up and running so it will be a while

Try using slin pins, big difference.

I do use insulin 1\2inch 29g 1mil, I not new to all this, just sick of being layed up for a week every cycle, I workout every other day, so thats how I shoot’ 1 mill, don’t have to with eth but than I don’t forget

Oh and I really shoot quad,title just sounded good

Just deal with it bro it’ll go by soon.

I would try to work legs the same day, that way if you get bad PIP, it hopefully will be gone by the next time you have to train legs. I would pin and train legs on Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings. The first pin was horrible. From there on out it wasn’t too bad. I’m looking to possibly kickstart my next cycle with Prop, which I’m a little worried about.

ya prop feels like a bee sting, but it’ my favorite test, it dosn’t bother me to workout,and I get the best results with it, just end up buying a lot more of it, because of the small amount per mill. If you start with prop run the test e along with it, then at week three drop prop. I imagine thats what you were thinking.I ran prop only at 600 a week, and loved it, takes 1000 of eth for me to get same results.