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Shot at on the Golf Course


So I gotta get this off my chest, it's really pissing me off, I'm just stewing over it today.
Yesterday me, my wife and a buddy we're playing golf at a local course, in a shitty neighborhood, when we were shot at by a couple of kids with BB guns or so we think.

Here's the story, we were teeing off on the 13th hole, behind the teebox about 50yrds is a 4 lane highway between the teebox and highway is a row of trees and some really tall grass. I'd won the last hole and was about to hit when we hear pop pop pop pop pop several fairly loud pops and my buddy lets out "MOTHER FUCKER", I look at the back of his head, he shaves his head and it's just pouring blood.

I look behind us and see 2 teenage boys take off running, initially I'd thought they'd shot off fireworks so I take out after them through the waste high grass. I see them in the woods and start yelling at them and running at them with my 9 iron in hand. They bolt through the woods and according to my wife who was still at the teebox ran past her, she started to say something about how dick it was to shoot off fire works when she noticed one of them had a gun, so she shut up.

When I got back to my wife and buddy he was still bleeding like a stuck hog, she was fine and I was livid, then I found out it wasn't fire works they were shooting it was some type of gun, that scared the piss out of me. Maybe they shot fireworks off at us and we carring a gun, maybe it was some crazy automatic BB gun, I don't know. We called the police and gave our best description but the police said it was highly unlikely they'll catch them, which I understand I wanted the kids to see police and hopefully scare them a bit.

The thing that really pisses me off is I saw the little shits go toward the teebox when I was putting on the previous hole and they were no where to be found when we got to that hole. I had a feeling that something was up because they had to be somewhere but I'm sometimes overly cautions about things and thought I was being silly, until we were "ambushed".

This morning I get a call from my buddy who says he spent the night in the ER having a large projectile removed from his skull, he said it was 3x's larger than a BB and metal. Since that phone call I've been steeming mad, I realize now I could have been shot when I chased after them or they could have shot my wife or any number of things, hell they'd already shot my buddy. These were FN kids! What the hell has this world come to when you can't go smack around a golf ball and have to worry about being shot.




That is messed up.


And the really fucked up thing is that if you caught them and touched one hair on their heads you would've been in jail.

So sorry to hear that. Hopefully there is no permanent damage and one way or another those little bastards get what's coming to them.

8 people were shot last night in my neighborhood. (Harlem, NY) Not one over the age of 30. Anyone see a problem here?


That sucks. Tell the operator of the course to keep an eye out for them. Maybe they can catch them.


That is messed up, I agree.

Kids messing about doing stupid things is one thing - but firing off what sounds like a lethal weapon for apparent fun is just wrong.

Parents need to beat their kids.


It's pretty crazy how kids want to prove to other kids how hard they are and what happens someone dies and someone goes to jail over what? Being stupid.
Kids are gonna be kids but damn.

RWElder0 is right, had I busted one of them across the bridge of nose I'd be in jail, pretty FN weak.


I canceled my membership to the course today and told them why, they said they've had a rash of incidents lately involving kids. Now I know why it was so cheap to be a member there.


YThat's what you get for playing gay golf haha, sorry but karma is a bitch


He was playing gay golf? I didn't notice.

Whose ball were you playing with? How many strokes?


Har de har har, atleast it's not soccer or especially cricket.


it wuz mee! I shott at ur frend, henry rollinz!! u tryed 2 katch m3 but i ran 2 fast 4 ur big strongg legz/! u kudn't katch meee!!


I needed a good laugh today, thanks!


That's some twisted shit.

And what kind of buddy are you anyway? You let somebody playing golf with you go to the ER on his own after he's been SHOT AT in the golf course?


How far can you chuck a 9 iron?

Just asking..


I'd say he got shot with a pellet gun. Not quite as lethal as a regular gun, but can still kill you. You work a pump on the stock to increase pressure buildup. I believe pellet guns get the same jail punishment as regular firearms, but don't quote me on that. Pellet guns DO shoot long pellets around 3x bb size. i don't know about how they were shooting that quickly, unless they just pumped once between shots, which would lower lethality significantly. Your friend could be dead if he got hit on the first fully pumped shot.

That being said, that's just ridiculous. Desensitization to violence has its faults, that's for certain. Too much violence=familiarity with it, to the point where they don't care about hurting people anymore.


I'm pretty sure I'd be looking into suing someone's ass. There isn't any excuse for that kind of thing.


I didn't find out he went until this morning, when we looked we didn't see anything and he insisted he was fine. It wasn't until later that night once he got home he decided to go, I asked him several times and so did the police if he wanted medical treatment but he refused.


The only thing I can think is it was a CO2 gun, that's the only way they could have fired as many times as they did, again unless it was some type of firework and they had a real gun.

BTW I could probably have thrown my club far enough but wouldn't have hit them, there were to many trees between us.


A real T-man would have caught them.