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Shot at Night Keeping You Awake?

If you take your shot injection at night does it keep you awake

Not for me. I take mine between 10:30-11:30pm EOD. I can usually feel the test the next day around 12pm.

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That’s it, everyone is different.

Testosterone injections makes me calm and relaxed almost right away, so sleep will be better. I’d rather take it in the morning because at night I’m sleepy and therefore forgetful.

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I experimented both evening and morning. When I took in the morning I noticed I was super wired and overly energetic. I switched to evening and felt much smoother throughout the day. I think maybe since the T is being metabolized and the surge is happening during sleep and released slowly into the system my days felt a lot smoother. I tested this along 12 weeks switching every so often and it was always the same result so placebo is out of the question.

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I don’t know about you guys but once I reach a stable state it doesn’t matter when I inject because I feel the same all the time. When I was on a daily protocol I didn’t have good days and bad days because every morning I inject testosterone, I felt good the entire time and I didn’t feel the swings in levels like I do on an EOD protocol, because levels were so stable.


I personally don’t like injecting right before bed. What if you got a vein? Or it absorbs to quickly and you have sides?

The pm shot i do around 3-4 pm.

A get an occasional day I can’t fall asleep I just take melatonin on those days.

It’s possible, I get a rush of adrenaline about two hours after I do a shot.

Me either, It tends to not disperse as much as when I pin in the morning and I’m moving around throughout the day.

If your just starting TRT, the initial shock of higher test and neurotransmitters can cause a little sleep issues. It did for me. I sleep like a champ now.

Like system said also, once you are leveled out, that doesn’t happen so much.

I USE to feel my peaks a lot more, but I think I was also anticipating them, making it worse. Now I just feel great all the time. Occasionally ill feel a little overstimulated, but I have adapted.

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