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Shot 750mgs of Test E on First Shot


Ok, admittedly my most dumbest episode so far. Im starting my first cycle of test e only for ten weeks going in at 500mgs per week split over 2 days. HOWEVER...

Just did my first shot what i believed to be 250mgs but to my horror was in fact 750mgs. Have i done too much in one shot for my first time?? should i frontload for this first week and on my next jab just aim for 250mgs so that 1000mgs for my first week?

dumb mistake i know... but now im seriously getting paranoid ive OD's on my first dose and sides could be extreme. guys... help!

p.s Nova on hand in case of any gyno.. should i hit them 20mg straight away or ten?


lol, so many things wrong here I don't even know where to start.

I particularly like the sentence where you were horrified you shot 750mgs of Test E and might "OD", followed by the next sentence asking if you should frontload. I'm guessing you don't even know what frontloading is...and I'm also guessing you aren't ready for any of this because you haven't done any research.


Your testicles may fall off.....

Just kidding, you will be ok, you are not going to "overdose" on that.
You are supposed to frontload for faster results anyway..

And what do you mean hit them with 20mg straight away concerning the nolva?
Save nolva for PCT. You need an AI while on cycle.




ok,ok all is calm now!

i did my research but admittedly, i was too much into technique rather then measurments..bit like my training! badom boom

but seriously, i only mentioned 'OD'ing in regards to the large amount of test being juiced into my system in one go..i am a novice here speaking. Everything has been leading up to tonight man after hours and hours of online reading and speaking to a few gym rats, but admittely, dumb mistake i know!

As its my first course, my plan was 2x 250 mgs a week and go on for 10 weeks and intiate PCT 3 weeks after my last shot for the test to clear from my system. After much reaading, the general consensus was to have nolva at hand just in case of any gyno.


squirt1991 "Save nolva for PCT. You need an AI while on cycle." whats AI?


artificial intelligence. you need to upgrade your neural interface with latest Endocrine Regulator AI or it might not detect your side effects correctly.


Let me know if your neural dock is 6mm or 8mm. Mine's newer so I use 6mm, but I ordered the wrong size of the 2002 model and I'm willing to sell.


AI = aromatase inhibitor




Slight soreness around the injected area. Gonna give it a few days. but considering taking a slighter lower dosage on wednesday or should i just wait till my next shot day and inject 250mgs and start my course of how it was supposed to?


I have a feeling that you are young and not ready for AAS. You did it anyways so im going to try and help.
750mgs of test is a very good dose to front load. So the mistake you thought you did was the right thing to do. From now on inject 250mgs of test each time. you said you will be injecting 2 times a week which will be 500mgs of test a week.
YOU MUST USE AN (AI = aromatase inhibitor). Arimidex would be the easiest to get.
you must have heard of the side effects of steroids.


Intrestingly after Reading up on frontloading (which I've spent the whole day doing in front of a computer) I realise my mistake could have been the right thing to do.
In regards to using an AI, if has definantly been highly recommended, but at the same time there are many conflicting posts which recmommend nova at the point of any sides until they subsist. What's your opinion on that?

P.S i appreciate your advice highly for my dumbass mistake (ish)


Nolva is not an AI, it is a SERM


An AI will help prevent sides and should be used during your cycle. A SERM (novla) will help in case of gyno or to be used during your PCT. You need to read the AI and SERM sticky at the top of the form. After you read that you should find more stuff and read a whole lot more


Haha, this is comical! Dude I have been researching in preparation for my first cycle for months now. While I don't know close to what some of the guys on here do, I think I knew more than this guy after a couple days. Its been said and said again: read the stickies! Then READ THEM AGAIN! Almost everything you asked is answered there. Not hating on you bud, not saying youre not ready for AAS... but you are definitely not prepared!


At least it wasn't 750mg of prop, or suspension lol. That would be a little bit of a rush for a first timer


At least it wasn't 750 mg of prop or suspension lol. That would be a rush for a first timer


Research was sound! It was only a case of misreading the measurements on the barrel. Admittedly sumthing I should have looked
more into but over looked. And dude if you've been researching for months, which is admirable, your prob just trying to find the courage to take the step on to 'the other side,' so I hope your patience makes the difference.

Bt on the subject of research, due to so many conflicting posts from veteran body builders or plain old scrawny key board bravado users, it does make it that much more
difficult. For every post which promotes AI,there's another 10 which discourage it, as it basically stops any estrogen in your body, whilst nova keeps the estrogen (which is actually required) in your body, bt still stops it's affects on your physique ie bitch tits.

So as easy as it is to say 'do
your reading' it can be countered by much of what u've establish as the correct application of AAS. There simply isn't any consistency so it seems as if trial and error is the only way to prevail. Be it through sumone else's or your own.


Just doing sound research my friend, on all aspects of AAS.. sides, protocols, different drugs, PCT.. agree there's as lot of conflicting info out there! Gotta look for consistency and listen to people you trust. BTW gear is on the way, but its a personal choice when you think your ready. However being prepared is different. Even your last post shows you don't know much about different AI's... As some reduce your E more than others and you can adjust the dosage. You got the basics bud and you already dove in so best of luck to ya