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Shorty Hold the Phones


I just decided about a week ago to make the transition from bodybuilding to some good old fashioned powerlifting and i figured what better way to chart my progress and get some good advice from solid people than to make a log. holla atcha boy if yall have any pointers, any and all advice is greatly appreciated


210 lbs
12-15% bodyfat
280 bench - it definitely needs some work
365 squat - i had knee surgery a few months back, and am just starting to recover from that. pre-surgery i was sitting at 515ish and i am hoping to get back to that range in the near future.

as of right now im working on the base mesocycle of smolov in order to slingshot me in the right direction??? DL - i have yet to test that, im hoping to rock that after i get done with smolov

i've got a long ways to go, but i've got a pretty solid work ethic to go along with my desire to compete


today i did some pretty solid tricep and a little bicep work on top of that. i was pretty stinking tired from yesterdays smolov workout so i kept it pretty low on the sets/ number of exercises

close grip bench
2x7 195
3x5 205
2x3 215

straight bar curls, slow descent
4x5 90 pounds

weighted dips (+35 lbs)

hammer curls with a rope
4x6 120

skull crushers
4x5 80

intervals on treadmill
4.5 incline, 1 minute walking 30 seconds sprinting




Dang today was 7x5 with 255 on squat and it pretty fairly dominated me. it was AWESOME! I gotta say despite how much squats blow, i freaking love them.

BlackLabel: are you by chance a Lamb of God fan?


I listen to them every now and again. Sometimes during training. There songs all sounds the same.

Are you basing your smolov % off 365? It doesnt seem it, I already calculated my maxes, and based it off 330. My first workouts of 7x5 call for 250 lbs. Yet you seem to have 255?


no, im basing it off 335 i think was the number. due to the knee injury i cant hit up the weight that 365 requires quite yet but im working on that.