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Shortness of Breath with Coconut Oil?

Hi. I just started taking 2tbsp coconut oil. 1tbsp cook for lunch and 1tbsp for dinner. I cook it both with chicken. During the 2nd day i woke up i feel short breath and heat sensation (hot flashes). 3rd day i tried to jog and my heart feels so heavy because of the shortness of breath. I got tired quicker. I usually jog 20-30min without any problem. I couldn’t continue on the third day so i decided to stop. Is shortness of breath normal? will the symptoms go away?

Note, the reason i decided to take coconut oil is to improve my cholesterol level and testosterone level. Total 2.9 (0.0-5.2) . HDL 0.7 (1.0-1.5). LDL 1.9 (0.0-3.4). Ratio Cholesterol HDL 4.1 (0.0-4.5). Triglycerides 0.70 (0.00-1.60). I also have low testosterone and under active thyroid. I believe low cholesterol can be link with low testosterone.

Testosterone - 13.5 nmol (6.0-30.0) . Optimal around 24
Thyroid T4 - 13.5 nmol (9-25). Optimal around 16.7-23.2
TSH - 1.740 mIU/L (0.4-4.7) Optimal <1.5
T3 (free) - 4.7 (3.5-6.5) . Optimal (3.9-5.2)

no, that’s not normal. It’s either an allergic reaction to the coconut oil, or there’s something else giving you the problems. Easiest way to test it is to stop using the oil and see if the symptoms persist. If you keep seeing the symptoms, the oil was not the problem, and you need to figure out what is actually causing this. If the symptoms stop when you stop using the oil, then you’re allergic, and you shouldn’t use it, ever.

Coconut oil is not necessary for your goals. There are plenty of other cooking oils you can use in its place. There’s nothing magic about it.

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If the symptoms don’t stop get that shit checked out by your doc.

I can’t imagine it’s coconut oil related, unless as @flipcollar said you have an allergy to it. I’ll second the opinion of going to your doctor.

of course it’s not fucking normal. No food should affect you like that.

It’s highly unlikely it’s the coconut oil. Go to the doctor.

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This shit right here is the reason I have to work so damn hard every time I go to work on the ambulance. Don’t wait til you can’t breathe and have to call 911. Shortness of breath is not normal, go to the freakin doctor

the most common cause of shortness of breath among healthy individuals is anxiety. Always good to get a check up. I remember I had intense shortness of breath and went to the emergency room. They did EKG and blood tests, everything came out normal. Turned out to be a panic attack.

I knew I had a good reason to not do any conditioning!