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Shortness of Breath with Anastrozole - Will Another AI Do The Same?

I’ve been struggling with low T for a couple years after coming off the juice a couple year back (doctors are a nightmare to work with on this). I recently got a full bloodwork panel done and saw my estrogen had been out of range at a 42. I was sitting at an estradiol level of 17 back before starting anything.

Since I’ve been feeling like crap, I knew lowering that level would help. I started taking some arimidex a week and a half ago and planned to run it for 20 days as sort of a mini therapy cycle. 1mg pills split into one 0.5mg dose daily. Also read somewhere today that I probably shouldn’t be cutting this tablets, but I don’t think it would cause a reaction like this, but that’s just my speculation.

Mentally, I felt so much better just a few days later! But then I started to get shortness of breath… No coughing and I did confirm that it is not Covid with a doctor. Checked my lungs, said they look fine. And also checked for any swelling which ruled out DVT and other blood clots. I also started getting itchy red bumps exclusively on my ankles/feet.

It’s strange because I never experienced this in the past when I was on cycle taking this, but currently I’m not taking anything else. Thinking I’m going to switch it to nolvadex since the arimidex might be a little strong since I’m not taking any anabolics at this time.

I am actually getting back in the game soon and will begin competing once this pandemic finishes up, but does anyone have any insight on this?

I’m very regimented, so nothing has changed other than adding the arimidex in. But I obviously need an aromatase inhibitor. Would another AI cause the same allergic reaction? Do you guys think it is an allergic reaction? Has anyone else experienced this and found alternatives?

Thanks for any insight!

What was your TT with e2 of 42? Depending on that, your estrogen really wasn’t that high, and .5mg A daily is a lot. I wouldn’t say it’s obvious you need an AI at all

Drop all AI’s. 42 is not high at all and barely out of range. You will see the common line of advice around here is not to chase a number but to address symptoms that are verified by lab work.

Were you experiencing any symptoms prior to taking an AI? If not, then you shoudlnt be taking it.

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Thank you both for the replies.

My testosterone is at 564ng with my natural baseline measurement being 1018. And yes, I have definitely been feeling the symptoms of Low T and high E.

I definitely agree with you both that I shouldn’t be chasing a number. This was more the fact that I’ve felt like sh*t for 2 years (zero libido, numbness of emotions, stress for no reason in that way that off hormones makes you feel) and after some supplementation of the arimidex I definitely felt a change for the better.

But outside of the fact of wether or not I should take an AI now, is there any insight on allergies to the arimidex? I will be entering back into the competition world soon, and so also beginning to cycle again, so I will need an AI on hand. But do you think there is another good alternative AI that won’t cause the same symptoms? Not sure if they are derived from the same thing or what’s causing the reaction.

Oh and I have gyno from that last cycle as well, which was 2 years ago. So definitely would say I have symptoms of high estrogen. Gyno’s not horrendous, but it’s there for sure.

LOL. Just, LOL. The other guys have been very nice to you, and I am not sure why. Low T causing you to feel lousy? Sure, I believe that. High E2 symptoms? Not bloody likely, not at 42. Get a grip. The arimidex will have elevated your total T and free T, it has been used that way to stimulate test production. It’s like a PCT, the same as Nolvadex is used. An E2 of 17 would cause a lot of guys issues, and at the dose you’ve been taking I bet you got it close to zero. Welcome to hurting yourself.

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You can find plenty of forums started about people taking something as harsh as letrozole to attack their E2 levels to combat Gyno. Although, I don’t see how an E2 level of 17 would cause issues, as it’s even right in the middle of what the medical industry states is normal, I do agree that crushing estrogen is not the best of tactics, so let me rephrase my approach and question.

I took 0.5mg of arimidex daily for a week which multiple studies would suggest would bring me down by 70-80% serum levels E2, then knowing that arimidex can be pretty harsh for someone that’s not currently taking anything, I swapped it out for nolvadex for the 2nd week to block the estrogen rebound.

I will verify with bloodwork how this approach worked, but if we’re not talking about numbers and are going off what brings results mentally and physically, my gyno is no longer painful and I feel great… so, I’d say it was effective, and I do appreciate everyones feedback, including yours.

My main question though, that has not yet been addressed, which I also haven’t been able to find on the internet, is if I’m allergic to arimidex, will taking another AI potentially cause a similar effect? or are they completely different substances and you guys have a recommendation to try?

I will be entering back into the competition world, and jumping back on cycle, so this will be important alternative knowledge to collect.

If you are allergic to arimidex, that doesn’t mean you are allergic to any other AI’s necessarily. It would depend on the nature of your reaction and exactly what about arimidex causes it. You might even have a problem with the generic but not the brand name or vice-versa. I seriously think that Nolva is a much better choice for you and for gyno in general, and leave the AI’s alone as much as possible. There is an alternative to nolva, but I cant remember the name for some reason, I think it starts with an “R”. Someone else might pipe in with it. It might be an even better choice for you.


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