Shortness of Breath and Coughing After First NPP Shot

I’ve been on a sus 250 cycle for a while now but have just changed to a test prop and npp cycle,
Done my first shot with 1ml of each today and straight after I was coughing controllably and couldn’t catch my breath! Almost sounded like what Tren cough is like.
Does anyone know if you can get this side from npp? I aspirated and was all good before I shot aswell so I’m sure I didn’t hit a vein either, any thoughts?

Did you see blood come out after you retrieved the needle?
It is possible that some of the oil entered the bloodstream as it was dispersing if there was a vein there that was cut open by a needle on the way in.

I do get blood come out sometimes after i pull the needle out (well more like 50% of the time as i cant keep my hands steady on glutes, it is just too uncomfortable) but i never got the cough yet. That being said, it is probably just a matter of time before i get it.
However sometimes i would feel something like a mild zap of electricity while the needle is shaking in my glute. I suppose it could be me hitting a nerve.

What the above poster said. You may have had a reaction to the oil or something in the liquid which circulated to your lungs. I sometimes get a metallic taste in my mouth and tightening of my airways when I inject, most likely some of it in a vein. I try not to panic and it usually passes.


Yeah SB sounds much like I had, slight taste in my mouth and lungs tightening up, sure I’ll be fine just wanted to double check and see what people had to say :+1:t2:

Sounds a lot like tren cough. Iv never used npp but I occasionally get it with tren. Feels like my throat is closing kind of a itchy feeling. Makes me cough as a reaction almost like I’m trying to clear my throat. Sometimes I get it worse then others.

There is some bro science that sniffing an alcohol pad will help. I tired it not really sure if it helped at all. It generally doesn’t last long regardless.

Lmao these bro science suggestions get sillier every time haha.


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I heard that taking a dose of asthma medication via pump might help, however i dont know what side effects could arise by casually doing this so dont do it before you consult with your doctor.

I heard that the tren cough was just the ghost of Johnny Gains—the man credited with first converting Finajet pellets into usable tren—as it tries to escape the body. It may be bro science but I BELIEVE IN JOHNNY GAINS.