Shortness of Breath and Bloating

Hi All

I have been on TRT now for just over 5 weeks and have gained about 10-12 pounds of weight Round my abdomen and developed a shortness of breath.

I thought my haematocrit might be really high as it was 49.9 when my initial bloods were done so I donated blood but that didn’t solve the issue.

I have my next round of bloods next week then an appointment with the doctor so just wondered if you had advice from personal experience what could be the culprit?

My protocol is as follows

125mg Sustanon every 5 days
0.5mg Arimidex every 5 days
HCG 500iu every 4 days.

Cant help thinking that I should have been prescribed just testosterone to keep it simple and then add if need be as a picture is built on how my bodies reacting to the T.

Thanks and appreciate any feedback.

You need to check your estrogen, excess estrogen can cause anxiety and that can cause shortness of breath. The 10-12 pounds could be water weight do to water retention from estrogen imbalance. Testosterone can also cause water weight the first couple of months of being on TRT.

I prefer TRT in isolation without a bunch of other drugs when starting out, add in the AI when/if needed and add HCG later. This way when you finally do add in the HCG you’ll know if it’s causing problems right away.

Hematocrit is fine, tested mine a week ago and it was 49.6%.

Where does your SHBG sit? This is a critical test for determining a good injection frequency.

I would over-respond to only one dose of .125 anastrozole.

Hi Systemlord

My SHBG was 25 but this is before a started TRT.

The Oestradiol was 45 in a test done a week earlier.

I have attached my blood work before I started TRT.