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Shortness of Breath a Side Effect?

Taking 1/2 cc of 200mg every 5 days. Last blood work 45 days ago hematocrit was at 49. Very few injections I seem to get shortness of breath for a few hours sometimes longer. Been on trt for a little over a year. Try to rotate injection legs but I’ll be honest sometimes I favor the right leg and hit that way more then the left, aspirate each time I inject.

What made you decide every 5 days? I’ve heard others do this but not sure if anyone in this community does that.

I noticed the longer I was on TRT and my body woke up from it’s androgen deprivation state past protocols no longer provided good results. A hematocrit of 49% isn’t causing your systems, something else is.

Have you tried slightly lowering your dosage to resolve these issues?

What are your levels currently?

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Thanks for your response, I’ve always tested my levels on the day before pinning and my last lab was last month. Test= 487. hematocrit 49.2. Hemoglobin 16.5. Maybe getting some oil in my blood somehow? How important is it to keep switching legs?

Just what started feeling the best maybe I can try lowering the dose to .4 very 5 days ? Also one doc put me on Arimidex half a pill eod but don’t feel to much difference is it really needed?

I also often do it every 5 days if im not in the mood to pin twice a week, currently as well, never had any issues.

It could indeed be that you passed through a vein, even if there was no blood when aspirating, maybe a tiny amount leaked into a vein somewhere, that can already make your heart race and have heavy breathing for a while, happens to me sometimes as well.

I experience the same thing. I feel good on test but sometimes I start thinking about my health and I get short of breathe and I end up having mini panic attacks. Ill think I’m dying. After enough times I have realized I’m not dying. I’ve actually been to the ER with this lol. In my case it’s completely psychosomatic and I’m basically the healthiest person I know. I’m better now but I think injecting test in some way feels wrong to my subconscious. Like all the years of hearing about the evils of steroids made my brain associate trt with heart attacks and Russians haha

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Drop the AI. Very unlikely you need it.

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I wish I had a higher concentration of haemoglobin… even on higher dosages it doesn’t budge (iron deficiency anaemia), taking iron… very difficult to cope with the side effects relating to supplemental iron

Last test my haemoglobin was 130

Been 12 weeks since, I feel much better than I did then, hopefully it’s raised

One year ago it was 160… so, can only hope for the best