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Anyone know some books/sites that go into some basic shorthand (hand-writing) systems?

The only one I came across was Pitman shorthand, and I’m not about to start using a brush.

Double Your Intelligence by Scott Witt has a system. Instead of buying/checking the book out from the library, I’ll explain it to you.

Start by removing vowels, example:
Strt by rmvng vwls, xmpl:

From there, it becomes personal style… change common words like ‘the’ and ‘and’ to things like ‘t’ and ‘+.’ Remove letters that don’t change your personal recognition of the word. For example, the word ‘word’ can be changed to ‘wrd’ and then to ‘wd.’ Witt emphasizes that the most important thing is to practice before you actually put it into use, so practice at the TV or radio, while attempting to transcribe what the actors/anchors are saying.

Hope this helps.

thanks! I actually found some interesting systems, such as “speedwriting” (uses phonetics) and “teeline” (uses a simpler alphabet + removes vowels). I’m looking into all the systems before I commit to one, cause it’s a pain in the arse to learn it properly.

Maybe I’ll make my OWN system! The simplicity of teeline alphabet combined with the concepts of speedwriting! 100wpm, here I come :stuck_out_tongue: