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Shortest Productive Cycle

Right off the bat let me tell you
I am no maverick time manager.

Half the time (when I’m not at work) I struggle between swinging by for some boar’s head cuts at the deli or dropping off DVDs before I hit the gym just when everyone else is at the seated row only to return an e-mail 20 minutes that your boss shot out about an earlier than planned meeting the next day.

Quality gym time and proper nutrition days are few and far between for most of the year. Perhaps 6-8 weeks at max.

I think some of us career types (def I’m not alone here) would appreciate learning if someone ever built impressive Berettas on a 6-8 week (or lower) cycle …
you know just enough time betweeen quarters before your sales and support teams haul ass and breathe fire at the IT guys all over again.

Your reply can be:

  1. “Well tough shit…schlep on corporate wage slave…you ask for it when you sign on…yawn”


  1. offer some brotelligence (bump …whoever coined it) on
    your capacity to keep gains (if made) on such short cycle (allowing time for PCT).

Nothing freakish like those Synthol-injecting Heifer freaks…but modest noticeable gains.

Certainly 6-8 weeks would be plenty of time to see some serious gains from an Anadrol/Test Prop/Tren ace cycle but if you don’t have the time to commit to the gym and proper nutrition, I think you’d just be pissing in the wind in the long run and would likely set yourself up for a nasty crash.I wouldn’t recommend AAS to anyone without a solid background in training and has the time and dedication to do it right. I would definitely not do it in your case.

I’ve done 6 weeker with

dbol kickstart
1-5 weeks tren 75 mg eod
1-6 weeks test prop 150 eod

you’ll blow up like a ballon, and your heart breaks with how much you lose right afterward. I did however keep 8 to 10 pounds, but I had proper diet and gym time before and after.

I work for a Fortune 100 Corp. and keeping training/nutrition schedules is always a bitch. I recently spent a lot of time reading Author Rea and he advocates 28-30 day cycles. I won’t go into details but he reccomneds keeping cycles in this timeline for max gains rentention. Something for you to think about to see if it might work for you.