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Shortest Possible Test-e Cycle?



I'm wondering if I can get away with a 6 week cycle of test-e. Then again I heard that test kicks in about 4-5 weeks into a cycle since it's so slow to build up. That would only give 2 weeks of good gains? Also I would not like to have any water bloating so I would do adex every day or eod.

What is a good strategy? Is 8 weeks the minimum? I want to do a cycle before Christmas (don't want to fly with needles).

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You could always front load your cycle to get levels up quickly, but you have forgotten about PCT. Waiting until you don't have to travel would be much better. My suggestion is not right now.


PCT is not a problem as it's all oral.



if you want less water retention and quicker effects all signs post to propionate. you'll inject more, but it looks like the answer you're looking for


After reading the original post I have a couple ideas for you since apparently you think you have a time crunch.

Why not put your gear in a sterilized bottle of some sort in your checked luggage? Then buy yourself some filters and whatnot and go through the sterilizing process again once you reach your destination?

As far as pins are concerned, they're pretty easy to procure via the internet, so Im not sure why you believe you have to fly with what you already have....


Most pharmacies have pins, and only a handful of states have specific regulations for people buying them.

4-5 weeks for Test E? I disagree with that, it's never taken me near that long to reap benefits.


I'd say a couple weeks is okay to get some benefits, 3-4 weeks to get some significant gains. The only problem with a cycle this short is that the small gains you have in that short time frame will be negated by the small loss you'll have post cycle during recovery. Small gains = small losses. If you extend the cycle you'll get greater gains, and likely the same losses during post cycle, so Greater gains > small losses. At least that's my take on it. I'd go minimum of six weeks to have significant maintainable gains post cycle.