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Shortest Needle Length Possible for Delts?


alright so let me explain my issue:
I have everything I need to start my cycle EXCEPT my pins, I ordered them and apparently they got lost in the postal system (MURICA). Now On hand at the moment I have 21gx1in needles but im not really wanting to use those for my first time pinning OR I have some .5inch slin pins.

The downside is that the slins are only .5ML so I would have to use 2 for a full ML and im cool with that but could I use them to pin my delts??
I keep seeing everyone say at least an inch to 1.5 so I figured I would just ask since this will be my first time and I really dont feel like waiting.

Im maybe 11-13%bf atm and I dont hold much fat on the delts.


.5 is perfect for Delts, Biceps, Triceps, Traps, Chest and Quads as long as your not a fat ass. I use slin .5in needles in these locations just fine.


What he said slins are cool bro no need for the horse needles this aint the 80's.. IM is IM


AGGHHHH YEAA!!! Well i'm gona go do this and then flex in the mirror commenting about how huge I got off of my first injection haha

just kidding.

thanks bros always helpful.


On top of that slin pin injections are alot less painful.... Lol well as long as you have good gear :wink:


Not even gona lie, I was pretty stressed out about my first time but its was super easy and not painful at all.

Now these 25g pins in the quad wont be so scary haha


did slin pin in my right and left quad .5cc's and 2 pockets of oil on each leg formed, was gay as fuck. And it also made me sad cuz it means im too fat :frowning:


...get a heavy bound book and pop that.

here's what you doctors will sound like for the rest of your life under obamacare:


Hit it with a book ^^^???

Anyway My needles are STILL not here ( i've ordered more) but Would it be cool to pin my delts again even though they just stopped being sore.

A little FYI, I pushed the shit in WAYYY too fast, wont be doing that again.


Yeah not a problem I pin my delts more frequently than anything almost every 4days


So how sore is too sore??

dont get me wrong it wasn't bad, I've had DOMS worse than the pain I had I just want to make sure im good haha and I should e able to feel the oil right?? like a pocket inside the muscle almost.

No matter how much you read and research theres always something NO ONE told you haha and that info for me was the fact that you can literally feel the shit in your muscle.....It was pretty crazy feeling haha.

Reed def. one of the most helpful people here thanks bro!!


The pocket your referring is pretty much the oil Crystalizing and possibly causing some slight irritation and maybe a bit of localized swelling in the area. This can also be caused by your hands shaking or any excess movement of the needle. Try heating the oil up on a stove top a bit. Dont let it boil obviously but get it nice and warm. Will help with this "pocket" feeling your talking about. Also is speeds up the oil drawing and makes injection much smoother and cuts down on some pain.

No problem man I help when and where I can to the guys who aren't idiots about it.


Try getting a better source, its entirely possible your source blows.


No offense but its a 100x more likely that he is sore due this being his very first pin of his very first cycle and he his hands were shaking, also a small virgin muscle being injected with a 21g needle, and was injected quickly. Its gonna have some tenderness under those conditions.

Also he is not complaining about any kind of redness or extreme swelling so we know the BA content is fairly under control. Also there is zero mention of a Fever so there is no infection meaning the gear is clean.

So no offence but, that is a pretty quick and not very logical solution to the problem.


Def not my source because I injected last night and was able to hit my delts hard as hell today. Plus last time I injected the shit in under 45 seconds.....with an insulin pin.........

I do feel it though but thats because I let a friend do it and he couldnt fucking help laughing at me when I told him to keep still.....Fucking needle was everywhere, I was pissed to say the least but HUGE difference between this injection and last.
Im also going to be doing my own injections from now on now that I know theres nothing to be scared of hahahaha Im such a pussy.

Oh yea the heating thing worked like a charm.


Sorry to kind of hijack but id like to start using insulin pins instead, the most common size I see is half inch, sooo... How fat is too fat to not be able to use half inch


Depends on how and where you store it man. I'm not the leanest guy about 15-17% just guessing and can use in my quads at the lower half, and on the inside of the quad the part that's right on top of your knee cap basically ( its name is escaping), Traps, and Chest very easily as long as I make sure the needle is buried.


Did you use the 21G for your first injection? I did my first in the upper glute with a 21G, never did that again! use the 21's to draw and the 25's to inject. Like REED said, heat it up some; I like using a hairdryer.


Use 5/8ths. Safer, if your using gear that better god damn not be 'too long'. They sell at WalMart OTC cheap as hell.

1ml 5/8ths Slins, with no backstop so super easy to backload. I think $11 or so for 100.

Shallow injections are nice for recovery, but you will hit an SC layer , sterile abcess from a shakey injection or a pocket of adipose tissue eventually and you will hate your life for atleast week. Also not that anyone gives a shit about 'vector physics' but as you decrease the length of the pin even a tiny increment, the probability of pinning in the exact same spot (generally bad news) is markedly increased.

I know 1/2 - 5/8ths is pretty negligible, but it wasnt more than a year or two ago that most people wouldn't recommend anything less that 1' for an oil injections.


I was going to use the 21 since thats all I had but I got ahold of some 1/2ml .5inch insulin pins and I used those, I didnt heat it up and it took fucking forever to draw but my friend pushed the shit in fast as hell and my left shoulder hurt a little the next day. Got my 27g 1.25inch needles today.

Anyone ever used 27g 1.25inch???
couldn't get the 25 so I figured it would be better to go down in size rather than larger.

Also should I really be pushing the needle in super hard when I do the delts? I dont know why but I feel the deeper it is the better haha.