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Shortest Cycle You've Done with Proper Gains?


It might be worth switching to the new bottle of T E. If you can afford the extra juice up the dose as well. That is the only way I know how to raise E2 if you are not taking an AI (or DIM for that matter)
I guess there are E2 creams. My wife uses one of them it has other stuff in it to for her lady parts. When your E2 gets back to normal or maybe even higher and you go back to your TRT lvls use up that suspect bottle.
I assume since you are blasting you are busting your butt at the gym how are your joints feeling? The low E2 can’t be good for them. I have never crashed my E2 but I have read it makes ones joints dry.


Pre trt I had the same e2 level which was essentially 0 and I had severe joint pain. Couldn’t lift my arms over my head. Within three days after my first injection that pain was gone. I didnt experience that this time. I am now having some aching in my shoulders but it isnt to bad. Loss of libido is the side I really noticed. Surprisingly my wife noticed it as well.


I just remembered many guys post HCG raises E2. Have you tried that? I’ve been taking 800iu for over 3 years so I don’t really notice a change in E2 but it might be worth a try.


I need to donate because hct is crazy high, but now the ferritin horror stories are making me even more nervous. Jeez. Can’t a guy just take some test and have a peaceful little life without 37 different goddamn complications??


I hear you. If you donate often( for me it is more than twice a year) adding ferritin to your 6 month blood test is worth it. Crash your E2 feel like shit. Crash your ferritin and you can passout with no warning. It happened to me at the grocery store. I drove my car to that dam grocery store.


I have never taken hcg. I really dont think I need it I just need to stop screwing with my e2. I’ll know more next week after I do my bloodwork


@alldayeveryday I luv HCG but many guys have issues. I ran out of HCG during my blast. It only took 2 weeks before my balls started to have a dull ache. I am still off the HCG and off my blast and the pain is gone but I can’t wait to get my HCG order in. YMMV


I dont have an issue with it I just dont think I need it. I had a vasectomy with major complications that left me in alot of pain. That was over a year ago and I’m still not totally normal. Once I started trt it helped shutting the boys down. I’m pretty spooked at the idea of cranking them back up now. I’ll test run bloodwork on Monday and again once I’ve started my next bottle of testosterone (different brand). I’m interested to see which brand has more bang for the buck or if they are comparable in tt ft for my body.


@alldayeveryday I had my vasectomy in 1985 after my daughter was born. My scrotum swelled up the size of a softball and I could not walk for 3 days. It took close to a month anything more than slow walking caused pain before I returned to normal. I believe that is why at 60 my TT was only 170.
It sounds like you had even more complications. Sorry to hear that. I would sure let pain be your guide if you deside to try HCG. I have a lot of pain without it.


Amen to that. I had severe internal bleeding but I think the doc messed up big time. I probably should have sued his butt. I just wanted to get better. Like I said it never completely went back to normal but trt helped.


but trt helped
for those of us that enjoy the pharma side of TRT I think we have it so much better. No PCT no worries about recovering natural T production and I believe our bodies handle exogenous testosterone better. We don’t get the heavy night sweats or all the other bad side the natty’s do.

I just came off my mini blast and I am planning a new experiment for the next full blast early summer. I’m going to take my normal TRT lvl way down to the 450 range and try to live there for 3 months. I am hoping by doing this my body will have made many more T receptors so I can get on board quicker on the blast.

Right now I run my normal TRT free T lvl 33-39 labcorp top range 18. I think this hurts me during the blast since my T receptors are already overloaded. It take me a good 4 weeks to start to feel anything different. It is like until I hit steadystate (40 days) I am still on my TRT dose. No improved strength or pump, recovery is still about the same.

What do you think dumb idea?
So many cycles are made around naddy’s and getting back to normal natural T production. There is not much advice for the TRT guys I think that could be holding us back. Again your thoughts?


High T levels actually UPregulate the number of androgen receptors, so no worries in that regards. (HCT, etc. are still valid concerns, though.)


@so_it_goes beat me to the punch but that’s my understanding as well. High T translates to more androgen receptors. You can help to up regulate through L Carnitine supplements. I’m not 100% on the difference between trt guys and nattys. I’m sure it’s all over the board just like everything else in this hormonal mess we are in. If I were you I’d be focusing on finding a way to run a blast and keep your hct down in the process. Your numbers are crazy high compared to mine and I dont know why. It doesnt make sense to me. When was that bloodwork drawn in comparison to your injection?


L-Carnitine is in my NO stack. Good to know on the androgen receptors thank you both you’ve saved me months of messing around.

My HCT is always high because I live at 8600ft above sealevel on the Western slope of the rockies. Remember our president that used to trip alot? he was my neightbor. My HCT before TRT was 49.6 I used to race bikes the ones you pedal. High HCT was an edge now its a curse.


So I’d like to bring this thread back up. I see no reason to start a new one.

I am done with my 6 month TRT checkup all went well.
TT 750(high side of range 916), FT 24(21) E2 42(35), SHGB 28 HCT 50.3 so I am thinking of donate a pint and start an early spring blast.
350/wk took me to TT 1899 FT 78 and E2 125
I’m thinking 400/wk T cyp I’m not big on aas but I do enjoy sarms and peptides so I’ll be adding the oral Cardarine 20mg/day only on gym days. I am taking it now and really enjoy the extra endurance it gives me. I’ll also add 500mcg Ipamorelin to help my IGF-1 a bit. dditional drugs with be 1g metformin and NO stack will be Cialas, Doxazosin, L-Citrulline, L-Arginine.

Since I just did bloods for two different docs I won’t do a pre blast but will do bloods at 40 days when the t cyp hits steady state. Wish me luck I alway need it.
Since I had to stop the last blast do to HCT issues I did not do a pre/post picts I hope to do some this time around.